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published 17 July 2014
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We have done 22 interviews with Rupert in the past ten years.

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The year of Ice Cream Man’s anniversary began with a celebration when Rupert Grint won as Best Newcomer at the WhatsOnStage Awards and the announcement of Rupert becoming Ambassador for Starlight Charity.
Along with many other fans, Ice Cream Man supported the Enemy of Man Kickstarter Campaign by spreading the word and adding to the funding to raise money for starting the film’s pre-production.
Additionally, news were spread about Rupert’s promotion for Postman Pat – The Movie and Rupert’s new projects Moonwalkers and It’s Only A Play.
And, while we were busy with the preparations for our anniversary, Rupert found time during the filming of Moonwalkers to give us another interview.

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we had the opportunity to talk to Rupert Grint on the phone during the filming of Moonwalkers. You can find the Audio and the Transcript below.

Rupert: Hello. Hello, this is Karo. How are you?
Rupert: Oh, hi, how’re you doing? Yeah, good, how are you? Huh?
Rupert: I’m saying, how are you? I’m good. Are you currently on a break from filming?
Rupert: Sorry, say that again? Are you currently on a break from filming?
Rupert: Yes, just errr, just about to go off… Okay.
Rupert: …to the set. So you’re still dressed in costume? Cause since this is a phone interview, we’re wondering what you’re wearing.
Rupert: All right, no, I’m not in costume yet. I’ll probably describe what I’m going to wear. Yeah.
Rupert: Erm. It has to be really cool, the costume. It’s the Sixties, the late Sixties, so it’s like lots of real dizzy shirts and big colours, big trousers, err…. So yeah, I’m wearing like a velvet jacket, I think, and this ridiculous shirt, bellbottom jeans and… high heels! High heels?
Rupert: Platform shoes, yeah. Is it hard to walk on them?
Rupert: What was that? Sorry? Is it hard to walk on those? Or have you gotten used to it?
Rupert: Oh, I’ve been getting used to it, yeah. I quite like being a bit taller. That’s a great thing. Well, we’re primarily doing this interview cause we’re celebrating the site’s anniversary this summer, in a couple of weeks.
Rupert: Oh yeah, amazing. And we were wondering what your most important memories are of the past ten years, cause that’s the time that the site’s been around.
Rupert: I can’t believe it’s ten years. Yeah, it is.
Rupert: Ten years old, that’s amazing. And yeah, no, it means so much. You guys have been kind of supporting me for that long and it really, it really is important to me, and, yeah, I love it. And it’s been a great ten years and hope there’ll be another good ten years. Yeah, hopefully. Or more!
Rupert: Definitely, yeah. What are the most memorable things that fans in general have done for you? Things that, like, stand out.
Rupert: Er, so many things, like every year, my birthday gifts, and kind of the things that everyone does, it’s really… it makes me feel really proud and it’s great, really, just to have that support. It means a lot and it’s kind of scary now, I’ve moved on from Potter and I’m doing new things and to have that, to have that support, it really… it keeps you going. And I’m really grateful for that. Yeah, I hope so. Since you mentioned Harry Potter, which event do you think was the one that caused the highest traffic on the site?
Rupert: Err… which event…? Do you think it was Harry Potter?
Rupert: Maybe. Probably. Maybe the last one? The last premiere? The Harry Potter one?
Rupert: Yeah. No, it wasn’t. That was only…
Rupert: Really, what was? That was only the second highest. The one with the highest traffic was the Into the White premiere.
Rupert: No way, really?! Yeah, it was. And the third one was Cherrybomb.
Rupert: Wow, that’s amazing. So there’s not much Harry Potter in there…
Rupert: Yeah. That’s pretty cool! That’s pretty cool. And imagine you could turn the tables and you could be the one asking the fans a question, what would you ask?
Rupert: Erm… *laughs* What I’d ask… I don’t know… errr… *laughs* I guess… errr… What kind of motiv- mo… I don’t understand, erm, like, what’s so good about… What’s so good about me? *laughs* There’re lots of things…
Rupert: *laughs* Maybe we can get some answers together for you.
Rupert: *laughs* Great. And imagine you were the one to create a website, about whom would you start one? Any actor, actress, musician…
Rupert: Erm, I don’t know. I was always a big fan of Jim Carrey, when I was a kid. Yeah.
Rupert: I used to memorize all his films, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber. I used to know every word. Have you ever met him?
Rupert: I really kind of, like, followed his career for so long, religiously. Have you ever met him?
Rupert: No, never. Never.
Rupert: Never met him. Yeah. I’d like to. You mentioned that you enjoyed the support you got, and we, just a couple of weeks ago, we just got word that Enemy of Man managed to be successful with the Kickstarter Campaign. What did you think of that?
Rupert: Ah, yes! Are you excited about that?
Rupert: I think that was great. I mean, it’s kind of a unique way of funding a film, I think, and yeah, I really didn’t expect to get the money, so kind of quickly. And it’s, yeah, I think everyone was really thrilled and it’s great to have that, say, to have that support, it puts, you know, that kind of faith in yourself and it’s great. Yeah, that’s great to hear. So, since you’re currently filming Moonwalk – or is it Moonwalkers?
Rupert: Erm, I think it’s… Yeah, Moonwalkers. We know a little bit about your character, but what kind of person is he? Is he a good guy, a bad guy, a two-faced guy?
Rupert: No, he’s a good guy, he’s just a bit unlucky and, um, kind of, he’s one of those people that tries really hard to kind of succeed and just always ends up making the wrong choice and bad decisions and just kind of screws everything up. And yeah, he’s kind of a guy managing a band and kind of out of control and huge egos and he’s definitely trying to get them signed on an album and that desperation kind of gets him into kind of a lot of trouble with the CIA. So yeah, it’s fun, like you said, cause it’s a really kind of crazy, kind of ridiculous story. It’s kind of based on a slightly shredded truth. So yeah, it’s been really fun, it’s really good to be with Robbie again, and Ron Pearlman is hilarious. I can imagine.
Rupert: Yeah. So yeah, I had a lot of fun and, yeah, it’s great to work in Belgium as well. Yeah, I can imagine. Did you watch the match they won or did you…
Rupert: I did, yeah. Or did you hear anything, like their celebration?
Rupert: Now that England are out, I’m supporting Belgium. Who do you think is going to win the Football match, the World Cup?
Rupert: Erm, it’s hard to say, really. So many big teams have already gone out. I think, yeah, I’m definitely supporting Belgium there. Okay.
Rupert: Erm. Yeah. Or maybe Germany. Ah, that’s good to hear. So, next is… Broadway?
Rupert: Yeah, I know. Terrifying. You’re terrified?
Rupert: But… Yeah, I am, a little bit, but also really excited. Cause it’s just such an amazing cast and I’ve always wanted to, since Mojo, which was really fun, and now I’ve had a taste of the stage, to go to Broadway and see what that’s like and, yeah, it’s just feels like everything there is on a bigger scale. Kind of bigger theatres, it’s just, it all seems a bit more bigger. But yeah, it’s going to be a new challenge. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. Yeah, so are we. We were really excited when we got the news.
Rupert: Hmmm. And what are you most looking forward to doing the play?
Rupert: Erm, I don’t know exactly, I mean I’m kind of in that weird limbo that I don’t really know what to expect yet, but I think, yeah, I think just being on that stage with amazing people, like Stockard Channing, who is originally from Greece, she’s a bit of a hero of mine. So, yeah, that’s exciting, and yeah, just being on stage again, I got a really buzz off Mojo, and I’m kind of thirsty to get that feeling again. To get the buzz from…
Rupert: Yeah. Did you learn anything from Mojo that you’re going to be able to use for It’s Only A Play?
Rupert: Yeah, I think I did. I think I did, I mean, I kind of used it as education. You learn so much being on stage, kind of your… the other actors and, erm, it’s such a different kind of form of acting and I think that, just being so out of your comfort zone kind of pushes you to try new things and, yeah, I think it was a really great experience for me and I’m excited to do that again. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. And do you already know what kind of accent you’ll be doing? If you’re going to be American?
Rupert: Well, that’s the scary thing, I’m not sure – I’m not American, no, my character is English. But it’s a very different character to what I’ve played, er, what I’ve ever played. It’s not… it’s not really a likeable character. He’s a bit of a… a bit of an arsehole. *laughs* So you’re finally getting to play the bad guy?
Rupert: Yeah, kind of. So yeah, I’m excited to try something like that, it really is kind of new ground for me, so I’m really excited about that. Yeah, and we…
Rupert: …and I think it’ll be fun. Yeah, and we’re definitely excited about seeing it!
Rupert: Yeah, come and see it! How did that come about, It’s Only A Play? Did you go to a casting, or did they contact you?
Rupert: Yeah, no, it kind of just… I was… it kind of happened really quickly. I was in the middle of Moonwalkers and yeah, I just kind of got a call and got sent the script and Skype’d with Jack O’Brian, the director, who’s amazing, so I’m just really surprised that I got the part. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to it and it’s going to be good fun. And did he see you in Mojo, or how did that happen?
Rupert: Err, I’m not sure, actually. I’m not sure how it all kind of happened, but yeah, it definitely was good to have that experience from Mojo, cause I mean, like, two years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of ever going near Broadway. Yeah!
Rupert: Or a play at West End or along that way, yeah. It kind of gave me a confidence boost and it has really kind of helped me. And I’m scared, but excited. Yeah, and we’re definitely excited for you, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.
Rupert: Brilliant, yeah. And we’d also like to thank you for providing us with so many amazing projects and so many diverse ones, and giving us the chances to meet so many people and to go to different places and to just have a great time working on the site.
Rupert: Aw, that’s really kind, thank you. And thank you for the ten years, it’s been great. Yeah, it definitely has!
Rupert: Ha, yeah! Keep up the amazing work, we’re really, really enjoying it.
Rupert: Sorry, say that again? Keep up the amazing work, we’re really enjoying it.
Rupert: Oh great, that means so much. Thank you. Yeah, and thank you very much.
Rupert: Okay. Okay. Thank you so much.
Rupert: Thanks, Karo! And…
Rupert: I’ll speak to you soon. Yeah, very soon, hopefully in September.
Rupert: Yes, definitely. Okay, bye!
Rupert: Bye!

Thanks to Rupert for taking the time to talk to us, and to his team for giving us the opportunity of this interview!

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