Birthday: Lilly’s Message for ICM’s Birthday

published 17 July 2009
written by


When Karo asked me at the end of May if I could make a drawing as a surprise gift for the girls, boys, staff members and all the fans of the site to celebrate ICM’s birthday, I didn’t think twice.
Ice Cream Man is part of my daily life, where lots of my online friends are. We don’t only share the same love for Rupert but also for many other things. It always seems that the talk starts on him and ends with all of us speaking about music, books, movies, food, everything.
It is a place where Rupert’s fans also know that behind my art there’s a person, because I was always respected here not only as an artist that can eventually contribute to the site, but also as human being.
So, my first idea for the drawing came quickly for sure: to draw Rupert as an old fashioned ice-cream man, which was approved by Karo immediately.
The idea developed to the one that I’m giving to you today, a drawing based on the magnificent work of one of the most wonderful illustrators of all times, Norman Rockwell, and his work for the covers of the “Saturday Evening Post”.
Although it might look simple, it was hard to do it. Everything handmade including the fonts, like it was by the time of the magazine, and also doing a foreshortening drawing, is never the most easy thing to do, but I really hope you enjoy it.
It was made with all my heart as I know (and can see) your work is done here every day!

Happy Birthday, ICM!

And Rupert, I’ll send you some stickers of it soon, to your van! 😉



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