Report: ‘Cherrybomb’ Countdown

published 29 January 2009
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This is our Cherrybomb Countdown where we are going to share tiny, but exciting bits of information on Cherrybomb with you and reveal one detail each day until the premiere at the Berlin Film Festival!

So here we go:
10. Malachy will be the first character to appear on screen.
9. They rehearsed for a whole week right before shooting the film with Rupert, Kim and Robert.
8. Michelle turns to Malachy and issues the challenge; “Top that!”
7. Luke has just been abandoned by his father and Malachy fears that Michelle is going to abandon him too.
6. All three decide to perform the ultimate rebellion.
5. Michelle goes to say a final goodbye to Luke and Malachy.
4. Crilly walks in on them and orders Malachy out of the house.
3. There is a scene in which one of the kids is singing.
2. The trio breaks into the Leisureplex for the party of the decade.
1. Crilly arrives to see the trashing of the Leisureplex, and the situation culminates in a tragedy that will change the lives of all three teenagers forever.

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