Report: ‘Cherrybomb’ World Premiere Live Ticker

published 7 February 2009
written by Ivana, Jo, Karo, Tao

The text message leading to the next party is about to arrive for sure…

If you can’t get to Berlin, brings Berlin to you!

Visit the official Berlinale Live Stream here.
AND join AJ, Jo and Karo at the World Premiere of Rupert Grint’s new film Cherrybomb!

The three of them will be reporting live from Berlin from tomorrow 8AM CET onwards, so keep refreshing this page!
(All times are CET)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday, 8 February 2009:

Karo, 8 am: Let the Live Ticker begin! Good morning! I just got up after 4 hours of sleep. The weather is cloudy but dry. And cold. Only 6 1/2 hours till the Cherrybomb explodes!

Karo, 9:16 am: Just left my friend’s place to pick up Jo and AJ. Got Rupert’s present, got the cameras, got more excited! 5 hours and 14 minutes left!

Karo, 10:36 am: We’re at the theatre. There’s a red carpety carpet! Pics to come!

Ivana, 11am: Jo has sent me the very first pics – view them in our gallery here!

Karo, 12:32am: The film that screened right before Cherrybomb is over! Photographers are arriving outside and the crowd is growing. Jo is indulging in some fine German beer again. And AJ and Karo are not even trying to “Keep Calm And Carry On”!!! Two hours left folks!

Karo, 12:57am: Red Carpety carpet being changed for Rupert RIGHT NOW! Security has arrived. Fans are lining up. 1 1/2 hours to go!

Karo, 1:21pm: The police have arrived! We have just been interviewed by the German TV!!! It’s on ZDF tomorrow, at mittagsmagazin!!!

[NOTE: If anyone can record that, please do! Galadriel, Rebi, anyone!]

Karo, 1:47pm: I have just met Helen Sloan (the stills photographer) and the cinematographers! It’s getting crazy here! 45 minutes left! Oh God, this is so surreal!

Ivana, 1:55pm: I’ve just added six images of Rupert leaving his hotel in Berlin! He is wearing his usual outfit – jeans and chucks! View them in our gallery here! (These are tagged, but we’ll add the untagged versions soon!)

Karo, 2:05pm: People are being let into the theatre! A new friend is keeping the seats for us, so that we can get you some red carpety carpet exclusives! 25 minutes left until the fuse runs out!

Tao, 2:22pm: You can now view the hotel pics in HQ here!

Karo, 2:30pm: RUPERT!!!!! We got THREE HUGS, plus PICS, plus VIDEOS… AND A MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOU FROM RUPERT!!!! IN HIS NORTHERN IRISH ACCENT!!! And he now owns a nice new pair of shoes, courtesy of staff!!!!

Kim and Robbie are soooo sexy too!

Jo, 2:43pm: We all hugged him! He had to stop and try to remember how to do the accent [NOTE: he finished Cherrybomb several months ago!!!] and he started rollin’ his R for us! It was soooooo cute!!!

Karo, 2:48pm: He has changed his clothes btw! He wears nice shoes, no Converse, the same shirt as yesterday, black jeans (OMIGOD!!!), black suit (just the jacket). BUT HE HAS STUBBLE!!!

Karo, 2:50pm: Lights out. CHERRYBOMB GOES BOOOOOOM!!!

Jo, 3:24pm: Malachy’s last name is McKinney!

Jo, 3:47pm: Just saw the sex scene!!!

[NOTE: She will elaborate later!!!!]

Ivana, 4:51pm: I have just added lots of new RED CARPET pictures of Rupert and his costars Kimberley Nixon and Robert Sheehan, as well as the directors, to our gallery! Again, these are tagged, and we’ll be adding the HQs pronto! View them starting from here!

Jo, 4:56pm: Holy shit this movie!

[Ivana: Just for the record, there WAS the red carpet in case some people haven’t noticed, AND the photocall!!!] 😉

Karo, 5:12pm: We’ve seen it! This film is simply amazing and fulfills all our dreams! And we’ve got LOADS to share! Oh god, this was amazing!

Tao and Ivana, 5:32pm: Many more pics! HQ photos here and here thanks to Oclumencia! New MQ pics starting from here!


Ivana, 6:24pm: JO AND THE GIRLS ARE ONLINE!!!!

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