Interview with Gary Irwin – The Vendetta Suite

published 2 February 2009
written by Karo

We are delighted to introduce you to the next band featured on the Cherrybomb soundtrack: The Vendetta Suite! Gary Irwin used to work with David Holmes some years ago and finally got a song on a film’s score: Della Notte. Here’s for you The Vendetta Suite! Can you introduce yourself shortly in your own words to those who have never heard of you (Who are you, how did you become a musician, what kind of music do you make)?
Gary: Hello, I’m Gary Irwin of The Vendetta Suite, I began making music during the early 90s during the Art College years where the likes of David Holmes and Ian McCready ran a club there, most well known is probably Sugar Sweet. I started working at David’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable studio/record label, mostly on techno/electronic tracks. As the years go by your influences change and nowadays my music is more psychedelic and cinematic. I have wrote scores for two films but for one reason or another, the productions fell threw and the films never got made so now I have quite an archive of soumdtrack material. If you were to choose one of your own songs to represent yourself, which one would it be?
Gary: Carny Girl, it has the combination of The Velvet Underground, Krautrock and The Stooges, stuff i’m really into. What has (for you) been the most unusual inspiration for a song?
Gary: Someone’s eyes. What are your plans in the near future? (Concerts, tours, new albums…)
Gary: I’ve wrote two tracks with a singer called Cara Robinson, we’re going to a studio in March to mix them. I’ve also collaborated with David Holmes on the music for a play called The Gentlemen’s Tea Drinking Society and done a couple of tracks with him for a film score. Who approached you with an idea to feature Della Notte a part of the soundtrack?

Gary: David phoned to say he was compiling songs for a film his friends were making and just asked me to send him a couple to see if any would work in it, Della Notte was the one he chose. Do you know why Della Notte was chosen for the soundtrack? Did you know anything about the scenes the songs would be playing with?

Gary: Didn’t know where it was being played in the movie, don’t mind where, it’s just good to have a track of my own in a film. Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what do you think about it? Do you think your Della Notte suitable for the scenes it is in?
Gary: Haven’t seen it yet but really looking forward to it. I’m hoping it’s on at the Belfast Film Festival soon. I think Della Notte is in a drug related scene, the track is quite psychedelic so there’s all sorts of possibilities! Describe what Della Notte is about, and which line is, in your opinion, the most important one?
Gary: Well, it’s an instrumental track so there are no important lines! When I made it it was a kind of homage to the Italian Giallo films, like those directed by Mario Bava and Dario Argento. Suspiria is one of my favourite films and the music is so much part of the atmosphere. Have you met any of the cast & crew? If so, what did you think about them?
Gary: I’ve not, though I know one of the directors, Glenn Leyburn, from back when David used to run Sugar Sweet at the Art College. You have been working with David Holmes for ages. What was your first thought when he approached you for the soundtrack?
Gary: About fuckin’ time!! ha ha! No, like I said earlier, it was just good to have one of my tunes in a movie and I knew it would be a cool project to be part of, with loads of local bands on the soundtrack.

Many thanks to Gary Irwin and the Vendetta Suite!!!

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