Interview with Inara George – The Bird and the Bee

published 4 February 2009
written by Karo

We are happy to bring you an interview with yet another band from the Cherrybomb soundtrack: The Bird And The Bee! Inara George took the time to talk to Karo about the band and their song Preparedness.

We give you: The Bird And The Bee! Can you introduce yourself shortly in your own words to those who have never heard of you (Who are you, how did you become a musician, what kind of music do you make)?
Inara: My name is Inara George and I’m a member of the band The Bird and the Bee along with Greg Kurstin. I’ve been playing music for many years, but I starting playing music with Greg about 4 years ago. If you were to choose one of your own songs to represent yourself, which one would it be?
Inara: That’s a tough one. I’m not really sure. I think that all the songs I have a hand in writing have a little bit of me in them. Although my solo stuff is a little bit more autobiographical. What has (for you) been the most unusual inspiration for a song?
Inara: Probably David Lee Roth. What are your plans in the near future? (Concerts, tours, new albums…)
Inara: We are about to do a little tour on the west coast of the US, and then some touring on the east coast in March. Who approached you with an idea to feature Preparedness a part of the soundtrack? Did you know David Holmes or the filmmakers before?
Inara: Sadly it was not that romantic. Someone at our publishing company told us about the request and we were happy to oblige. Do you know why Preparedness was chosen for the soundtrack? Did you know anything about the scenes the songs would be playing with?
Inara: Nothing at all. Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what do you think about it? Do you think your Preparedness suitable for the scenes it is in?
Inara: I haven’t seen it. Describe what Preparedness is about, and which line is, in your opinion, the most important one?
Inara: I think the song might be about being powerful. And maybe the first line is the most important? It kind of sets up the song. Have you met any of the cast & crew? If so, what did you think about them?
Inara: No. What is the story behind the name The Bird and the Bee?
Inara: We met while Greg was playing on my solo record. We hit it off and started writing together… and eventually wrote and recorded our debut record.

Many thanks to Inara George and The Bird And The Bee!!!

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