Interview with James Smith – Exmagician

published 4 February 2009
written by Karo

Here is our next interview with one of the artists on the Cherrybomb soundtrack: Exmagician! James Smith is featured on the soundtrack both with his solo song Plan Retrieval, and with his band Cashier No.9.

Here’s for you James Smith! Can you introduce yourself shortly in your own words to those who have never heard of you (Who are you, how did you become a musician, what kind of music do you make)?
James: I’m James Smith from Belfast. I’ve been in many local bands, currently playing guitar for Cashier No9 and making my own music as exmagician.
It’s pop music, with many twisted elements. If you were to choose one of your own songs to represent yourself, which one would it be?
James: I think Plan Retrieval is a pretty good representation. What has (for you) been the most unusual inspiration for a song?
James: An unusual friend. What are your plans in the near future? (Concerts, tours, new albums…)
James: Playing some big shows with Cashier No9 supporting Snow Patrol in March and working on the No9 album. Hoping to eventually get a band together and play some gigs as exmagician. I’m recording exmagician songs all the time. Who approached you with an idea to feature Plan Retrieval a part of the soundtrack? Did you know David Holmes or the filmmakers before?
James: I’ve known David for about 10 years and he’s heard my stuff and picked up on this track. The directors, Glenn and Lisa, I know through friends. Do you know why Plan Retrieval was chosen for the soundtrack? Did you know anything about the scene the song would be playing with?
James: It’s an atmospheric and moody song and I suppose it suits the tone of the movie. I’ve heard it’s a scene between two of the central characters. Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what do you think about it? Do you think your Plan Retrieval suitable for the scenes it/they is/are in?
James: No, but i’m really looking forward to it. Describe what Plan Retrieval is about, and which line is, in your opinion, the most important one?
James: It’s about keeping yourself in check and not losing the plot. “caught between a lie and the painful truth, should you believe in the factual proof” Have you met any of the cast & crew? If so, what did you think about them?
James: I know Glenn, Lisa, Lalor Roddy and producer Michael Casey. Some very talented Belfast folk. You wrote on your myspace blog that your kitchen sink is in the song Plan Revival. Could you explain that a bit?
James: The ‘ping’ sound at the very end is me hitting a tap on the kitchen sink. It needed pitchshifting but it was worth throwing in.

Many thanks to Exmagician James Smith!!!

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