Interview with Kat Kirk

published 27 January 2009
written by Neglo

Kat Kirk is a peforming arts student and actress from Bangor. She loves all genres of music and is a fan of pulling shapes on the dancefloor. Kat has performed in bands since she was 16, appearing on bills with Destruction, Amon Amarth, Fozzy and Erin Maiden, amongst many local favourites. Kat is now focusing on acting with her film debut this year in Cherrybomb. Did you enjoy filming Cherrybomb? How did it feel to shoot a feature film for the first time?
Kat: With Cherrybomb being my first feature film, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. When you are working with such talented cast and crew, it is daunting but everyone was really supporting and helpful. The process of something on paper coming to life was amazing to experience. To date, filming Cherrybomb has probably been the best experience of my life. I remember having to pinch myself everyday on set! I’ve met some truly amazing people and it’s a honour to have worked with such big talents like Rupert Grint, Kimberley Nixon, Robert Sheehan and Jimmy Nesbitt. It was fantastic to be part of something so exciting, fresh and fun! What’s your opinion on Rupert’s acting in this film?
Kat: Rupert played the part of Malachy well. He’s a very talented guy and really brought Malachy to life. I don’t want to give too much away though! Did he nail the accent according to you?
Kat: The Northern Irish accent is a tricky one because it can be really difficult to replicate and I imagine this could have caused some alarm. I remember when I first met Rupert and Kimberley, I told them as long as you pretend you’re a pirate when pronouncing the letter “r” then there shouldn’t be a problem! I like to think they took my advice, I thought it was pretty good! What part has your character Sharon in this film?
Kat: Sharon is one of the kids who would hang out in the same crowd as Malachy and Luke. She’s a pretty quiet girl and one of life’s observers. She lacks the confidence to speak up for herself and has a cute kind of innocence about her. I would say she would be a fan of “darkwave” bands and classical music. She’s pretty cool in her own way. How is Sharon’s relationship with Malachy and how would she describe him?
Kat: Sharon would see Malachy as just that guy who was always with Luke. I suppose Sharon would describe Malachy as reasonably good looking, popular and a pretty average guy. She would probably accuse him of lacking personality or substance; nothing more than a pretty face, but accepts him regardless. I reckon she would compliment him on his sense of style though! Is this film different from others?
Kat: Cherrybomb is primarily the story of a love triangle and how it can effect friendships, with a fresh twist. It’s interesting, because it is such a “grown up” situation. But to put fearless, hormonal and immature teenagers, who probably don’t understand why they do the things thy do or care, into this format? Surely it can only end in disaster! Which was the most exciting scene you shot?
Kat: There where so many exciting scenes, each for different reasons but if you were twisting my arm into choosing I would say it was one of the big party scenes. What I loved about these scenes was having all the extras around and just having loads of fun being crazy! It had been a tough couple of days so I guess this scene was a nice breath of fresh air. Though then you’re going in at 6 AM with no make up on ot then have fake sweat and messy, smudged make up put on you, it didn’t alawys feel like the best way to start the day! Why should we see this film?
Kat: You should watch Cherrybomb because it’s dark, it’s naughty, it’s funny and it’s relative. It’s great to see something that is raw and realistic about today’s youth. They may not be doing the right thing but that’s part of growing up. Making the mistakes, getting caught, getting grounded and learning from it. And maybe in some cases not learning from it! This film has something for everyone to relate to; being the shy one at school, being the new kid, keeping secrets, making friends, losing friends, having friendships strained and tested, being a parent having to deal with a teenage child and being a teenager having to deal with the parents. One last thing you want to say to the fans?
Kat: Cherrybomb is a rollercoaster everyone should enjoy. Thanks to everyone for the support. We hope you like it!

Kat xx

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