Interview With Kimberley Nixon (Cherrybomb Promotion)

published 30 January 2009
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Kimberley Nixon is a real-life Ginny Weasley: the Welsh actress has six brothers! She went to The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama) and just before graduation she got a really big job – the acclaimed BBC production Cranford. She went on to star in four movies: Wild Child, Angus, Thongs And The Perfect Snogging, Easy Virtue and Cherrybomb.

Kimberley accepted the role in Cherrybomb because she really liked the script: “I loved the triangle that the three main characters have and there were so many different ways to play little themes, little moments between the couples. And Michelle’s a real catalyst for what happens.”

Kimberley describes Michelle in these terms: “I think that she gives off this very sexy, confident facade that masks how vulnerable she is and how scared she is of not being wanted by her mum and her dad. But at the same time it’s not all doom and gloom; she does like to play with the boys and flirt but when it starts getting deeper, that begins to scare her.”

As for Michelle’s relationship with Malachy and Luke, Kimberley said: “I suppose she does go for Malachy but she was quite partial to Luke so she just sort of test drives him too. I think the boys she has always gone for in the past are like Luke and then she meets Malachy he has something different about him and she can’t quite get him out of her head. And also Malachy is better looking!”

In Kimberley’s opinion, Michelle’s domestic situation helps her relate both to Malachy and Luke: “She’s got the nice home like Malachy has, but also the lack of authority figure like Luke is dealing with – so she can relate to both boys whereas they cannot relate to each others family lives. I think the point is, coming to realize that your parents aren’t infallible and that they are just human beings who screw up as well.”

Kimberley admits that she had to dig deep for the different facets of the role, but she also praises her co-stars (whom she described as “really good boys, and completely different!”): “Rupert and Robert were so lovely and they gave me lots to play off. So if we were doing a really fun scene, we’d be giggling, and then if we had a quieter, more intimate scene, it was easy to fall into those different moods.”

Kimberley also praised their accent skills: “Everybody knows what Rupert’s voice sounds like obviously, and then for him to come on screen and do this quite deep Belfast. And Luke…Robbie, who’s southern Irish, to do this Northern (accent), completely changes his whole body shape, the way he walks. And mine too because Michelle hasn’t got as thick an accent as they have, because she’s been away for quite a long time, so she brings a sort of softer Belfast to it.”

Despite the fact that Cherrybomb is a small budged movie, Kimberley noted that ” it’s still a really professional crew and cast and there’s no difference at all in their level of commitment and work.”

Kim felt comfortable working with the pair of directors: “Lisa’s so great at the intimate scenes and then Glenn’s got the big picture in his head, so to flit between the two is so useful. They’ve both got their strengths and they really, strongly stick to those and so when one argues a point the other one will sort of yield, in that, ‘yeah you know what you’re talking about more than me’ (laughs)! Which is good!”

Finally, comparing herself to Michelle, Kim stated that “she’s confident in ways that I personally am not confident; about her body and drugs and things like that, so I had to overcome those inhibitions to become her. But, you know, I think it’s done me some good.”

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