Interview with Rupert Grint about Into the White

published 9 April 2012
written by Karo

During the Press Call for Into the White, we had the opportunity to not only attend the Press Conference and Photocall, but also to sit down with the charming Rupert Grint for a one-on-one for several minutes.

After a bit of small talk (Rupert: “I’m good, but I’m REALLY tired after last night!”), we spent several minutes talking about Into the White, Rupert’s singing and his haircut for the film.
After this, Rupert agreed to do a quick photo interview with us – a question, and a picture as an answer. No words, no second try.

You can read our interview below, and check out our photo-interview here. Enjoy! So, you saw the film yesterday, is it the way you wanted it to be?
Rupert: Yeah, it was. I always find it quite weird watching myself, especially when it’s the first time you’re watching it with everybody. I’m used to seeing it on my own. But yeah, it was good, I really enjoyed it. It brought back a lot of memories, and yeah – I’m really pleased. What was your favourite scene, now that you’ve seen the entire film?
Rupert: There are so many. I like the moments we have with the relationship between my character and Stig. Those are the moments that were quite cool. And I like the scene where we chop… Where you’re drunk?
Rupert: (laughing) Yeah. After we chop his arm off. That was quite funny because we didn’t know how it would look like. But let’s talk about the accent. How much time did you spend working on it?
Rupert: Quite a lot. I mean it was a quite a last minute decision, to go with the Liverpool accent. I was kind of worried, because it is a hard accent to do. It’s very difficult from the sound, because it is such a quick accent. It’s like twenty words per second. But I thought it would kind of fit the character, because he is a really argumentative and feisty kind of guy. And Liverpool is – I don’t know if you’ve ever been there – the people there are quite tough , so I thought it would work well. But it was quite a challenge, because obviously there weren’t many local, or British, people there who are familiar with the accent. So I couldn’t really guess if I was doing it right or not, because everyone was either German or Norwegian in the crew or cast. Did you get any feedback?
Rupert: No, I couldn’t, because I was kind of just on my own really. I just had to really pray that it was coming out alright. But yeah, I thought it went alright. Do you have any other accents that you can do aside from that and Belfast? I mean, and your own?
Rupert: I love, really love doing accents. It gives another layer to the character, especially with something like Liverpool, which is so “in your face”. Whose idea was it to do the Liverpool accent?
Rupert: In the script, he was actually Liverpudlian, but Petter was quite open to anything and didn’t mind if it was more English. But I kind of wanted to keep that because it seemed to just fit Smithy. But yeah, I’m glad that I got away with it. Yeah, I do like doing accents. We heard, because there was the scene with the reindeers coming in, and two of our staffers have been to Grotli and the hotel. And they told us that you had a moment in your hotel room where you had reindeers coming up. Do you remember that?
Rupert: Yeah, I mean we had heard about these kind of reindeers, where there are hundreds and hundreds of them in this big herd, and they can be quite aggressive. I was always looking out for them, but I never actually saw one. I saw a moose on the first day. The film is about the German and English relationship. Did you feel that David and Florian are typical Germans? What you might imagine a German to be like.
Rupert: Off camera? No, I mean, I’ve never really spent much time with any kind of German people. But yeah, they were great, and we had such a good time. It was all very close, because it was only the five of us, together all the time really, it was in this cabin. We got on really well. We always used to go out in the evenings, and we all ate together every night. It was really good. About the scenes which you shot outside in Grotli. How cold was it? Because we were told by Steffy who did the costumes, that you didn’t have any warm feet or anything.

Rupert: Yeah, in Sweden it was… you’re talking about Sweden, right? Well, in Sweden the place was apparently quite warm, wasn’t it?
Rupert: Yeah, it was, outside! But we filmed it in a place, they use it for freezing food, so it was kind of like a freezer where they build the cabin in so we could still act cold, and see our breath. So that was quite cold. But we were quite layered up. There were a lot of layers… So that was ok? Because they were worried you would freeze your feet of.
Rupert: Yeah, I mean it was an original costume, real goggles, and boots, socks and jumpers – it was all genuine stuff. But yeah, you were definitely pleased when they wrapped up. What was your first thought, when you saw your haircut?
Rupert: (laughing) It was quite a shock! It was quite a change…
Rupert: It was quite a dramatic change. I didn’t know until the first day of filming that I was going to be curly. It just kind of happened. I had a little shaved off in the back, and that was scary, because I am quite funny about my hair. I always like having a fringe, but I mean, it kind of suited the character. About the singing. Did you kind of train for that? Because that was just amazing, it was such a complete surprise.
Rupert: I didn’t train for it, no. I kind of wanted it to be a shock for everyone, for them as well (motions to his co-stars) when they come out and hear me. It was kind of a genuine surprise. So it was spontaneous singing.
Rupert: No, it was in the script, but I kind of kept it to myself until right before filming it. It’s quite a hard song to sing actually. It’s quite nice to see a softer side of the character, because he is quite though. So when is the album coming out?
Rupert: (laughing) Actually, when we were filming, me and Lachlan and Stig and some of the others – we formed a band. Did you?
Rupert: Yeah. And you did what? The singing?
Rupert: I was guitar and vocals, yeah. You had your guitar with you?
Rupert: I had a guitar. Don’t know where it came from. We were in this restaurant, there were musicians and they let us get on stage and do a few songs. We had a good laugh. I am going to do something else, I am going to ask five questions, because we heard from David and Florian that you are always, as soon as the camera is on, you are in character. I was going to ask five questions and you get to answer them with just one facial expression and I am going to take one picture.
Rupert: Just facial expressions? Yeah.

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Thanks a million to Rupert for taking the time to talk to us!

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