Interview with Rupert Grint at the Berlinale

published 11 February 2009
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When I first walk in to meet Rupert Grint, me and the representatives of other fansites ( and are escorted into a small lounge area with just a sofa and two comfy chairs planted directly across of him, so it is really small and intimate. As he stands up I notice he is wearing a white shirt and blue jeans and chucks. He looks really comfortable and relaxed. I introduce myself and give him a good firm handshake. Rupert smiles and says it’s nice to meet me too and he plops down on the sofa across from me, with one leg tucked underneath him. And so the interview begins!

RGN: Was this your first time seeing the movie?
Rupert: It was my second time, yeah, I saw it um, about a week before. I was just at home, and just wanted to see it. I didn’t want it to be the first time I saw it here. Just getting ready for it.
RGN: What was it like?
Rupert: It’s really good. I was quite nervous because, obviously it’s quite, um, a lot different to anything else I’ve done. Yeah obviously the accent as well. Just um, yeah it was good to see it. Last night we put up a forum thread I think, like, right after we had seen the movie we a thread up and posted reviews. There was over 20,000 hits within a couple of hours.
Rupert: Really? How does that make you feel?
Rupert: Wow, nice, it’s really good. Amazing, yeah. They are so excited. Fans are just ecstatic. They’re waiting for us to get out and give more reviews, but the movie was awesome too.
Rupert: Oh cool, thanks yeah. I couldn’t, wasn’t expecting so many people there. Yeah over 20,000 hits on the site right now. Last night we were, like, posting, giving a little review about it, and it took us like 5 minutes, and right after we did that there was 5 more pages of responses. We couldn’t even keep up.
Rupert: Wow, that’s really cool. You’re doing something right, I’m telling you.
Rupert: (laughs) Oh that’s lovely, yeah.

SS: So is there any excuse for Dave, Luke, Malachy, or Michelle’s behavior? How easy is it to forgive and forget? I know that’s a heavy question.
Rupert: (laughs) Yeah I don’t know. Um, it is quite a roller coaster they go through really. And I think they sort of have to grow up quickly and they act quite, they’re 16, you wouldn’t really think that with the stuff they go through. I think it just sort of has to end quite badly, and it does in the end. It’s quite cool. What did you think about the whole artsy thing about it, because I thought it was really unique. You know, like, the colors and stuff, do you know if that meant anything — like the oranges and all that — or was that something that they just threw in and it worked?
Rupert: Yeah, that was really down to the directors, Glenn and Lisa. They’ve done short films before, and they are quite sort of artsy kind of people. Yeah, it did look pretty cool. We didn’t know how, I never saw anything when we filmed it, what it looked like in that sense. It was good to see it, especially on the big screen. That’s the first time I saw it on the big screen. It looked cool. Well that acting was awesome, and you guys and your chemistry, everybody was great, but we were just as interested in the visual too.
Rupert: Yeah. I thought that was pretty neat because — you know, we’re fans of you and your acting and all that, but we were also like: “Oh, look at them, they got all these neat artsy things going on.” So that was just really cool, we loved it.
Rupert: Yeah I think the whole look as well with the costumes and my strange hair thing. What did they call it, a quiff?
Rupert: Quiff I think is what they call it, yeah I think it was just really cool, it was really sort of fresh and new.

RGN: Cool. So as a whole what did you get from making the movie as an actor now that you have played three characters outside of Ron. What was it with Cherrybomb that you really were left with?
Rupert: I really liked the whole relationship triangle thing between the three of them, and the fact that it was set in Belfast was really cool because usually, like, Belfast films are like all about religion and troubles and stuff like that — this one you don‘t get any mention of that at all. And we know that you said you were really interested in the script. We know, like when you did Driving Lessons you said: “Oh, I get to drive and all that good stuff!” So what was it about Cherrybomb, was it just that you really wanted to branch out there as an actor and just you know do something a little more extreme, or was there anything about it that stood out to you when you originally looked at it?
Rupert: Yeah it was just quite a challenge really, the accent as well was quite interesting seeing how that would go. But yeah it went all right, I think it helped that the other two, Robert [Sheehan] and Kim [Nixon] also didn’t speak that way as well, so we were learning together and that made it a little easier. And yeah, it was quite scary because we were on the set, all the crew spoke that way as well. We did feel quite a bit of pressure to kind of get it right. And what about any particular scenes like when you went back and watched the movie, how many times have you seen it now?
Rupert: Two, that was the second time. So when you watched it again were there any scenes that you have fond memories of, anything that stood out?
Rupert: I guess the love scene was quite a big thing for me and Kim because — I think it was mutual — because neither of us done anything like that before and we both were quite nervous about it. We read that you all did like crossword puzzles, is that true?
Rupert: Oh yeah we did! In between takes! We read that you all, did crossword puzzles, because we never know, you know how the press is, you never know if its really true or not.
Rupert: Sure, yeah! Because the fans were like “They did crossword puzzles! Did it work?”
Rupert: We did yeah, those are the kinda of… I’ll admit it helps to lighten! Helps with the awkwardness?
Rupert: Definitely, and it was good in the end. After the first few takes we kind of felt a bit more comfortable about it. (laughs) Well that’s good.
SS: The important part about it is that you’re comfortable in the situation itself.
Rupert: Yeah… It was actually worse watching it back I think than actually doing it.
SS: Was your family with you?
Rupert: My dad was sitting behind me. Oh you mentioned your Nan before, has she seen it?
Rupert: Oh yeah. Did she see it?
Rupert: She hasn’t seen it yet. Yeah, I don’t know how my Nan would really feel about it. But yeah I think it’s quite tasteful, it’s not really too graphic. I also had a question about the lock and key chain things you all are wearing.
Rupert: Oh yeah. (laughs) Did that mean anything, was that kind of a bromance kind of thing?
Rupert: You mean the padlock necklace thing? Yeah, because in the pictures one of you has a lock and one has a key.
Rupert: Oh yeah he did have a key! I wasn’t really aware of that. We were thinking like something was going on.
Rupert: I don’t think it was anything but a fluke really. (Laughs) Oh we thought there was something behind it, but that’s cool.

SS: This is a fan question from SnitchSeeker. Which character are you more attracted to, Michelle or Hermione?
Rupert: Hmm, both are very different, quite opposite actually. I don’t know, really – you mean as the characters? I guess Michelle, I suppose, either one really, they’ve both got their good points.
SS: Is it her aggressive nature?
Rupert: Yeah, she’s quite sort of mysterious, and there’s something quite cool about that. What about the music? Because, you know, we’re big fans of the soundtrack and we know you’re a big music fan. What did you think of the bands, have you listened to them?
Rupert: Yeah I really like the soundtrack. We interviewed David Holmes about a week ago.
Rupert: Oh did you? Yeah, he’s so nice! He’s really sweet. He told us a lot about the music and we’ve been following it. But we’re like: we know Rupert likes a lot of different bands, so we wondered if any of the bands you liked, did you listen to it?
Rupert: Yeah I’ve heard David Holmes’s new album and some of the tracks on that, and yeah I really like, it its really cool — some if it is really quite trippy. There was one called FlyKKiller, one of the bands on there, you got to listen to them, they’re really cool.
Rupert: Wicked, yeah, I ought to! There’s a lot of good bands. The music really fit in with the movie, like it all came together.
Rupert: Yeah, it’s really good.

RGN: I want to know about Belfast in general. Did you get out a lot?
Rupert: Yeah we did, it was really good because the crew and I, we got quite close. So every night they were quite keen to show us all the places and stuff like that. Yeah it took me a while to get into the whole Belfast thing. Because it’s quite, it is like in the film — it’s sort of changing and sort of rebuilding because it’s had a lot of trouble in the past. Was there more to that too? We know it ends and the friendship is OK. As fans we’re like: what happens next. You didn’t go to jail or anything right? Did anybody tell you?
Rupert: I dunno actually, it does sort of just leave you thinking. But sometimes that’s good because the audience can take it and interpret it on their own.
Rupert: Yeah I think he probably would have gone to prison. You think so? Wow. We didn’t think. I dunno.
SS: We were just happy that Luke’s brother went to jail. We really liked that. He was the only one that really deserved it
Rupert: Yeah. (laughs)

SS: If the opportunity ever presented itself would you like to play a character like Luke?
Rupert: Yeah maybe someone a bit more confident and a bit more crazy would be quite cool. Yeah!
SS: Be crazy and kind of throw yourself out there. The fans want to see you in crazy roles. This was totally opposite of Ron.
Rupert: Yeah, so it’s cool.

RGN: So when you got home after shooting everything, how was it coming out of Malachy and this crazy mad story, how was it like leaving the character behind. How was that?
Rupert: Yeah, it was weird because straight after that I did Wild Target — pretty much like a month between really. And it took me a while to get out of the accent really because we were there for a month and we got quite into the accent but, yeah, um I dunno, it was good, I think it was all in the hair really, because every night when the quiff went… there was a lot of the character in the quiff. Hahaha. Kat Kirk mentioned something like she told do you guys to do your R’s like a pirate or something like that.
Rupert: Oh yeah, she did say something like that! Yeah. Did that help?
Rupert: Yeah, it did, because it’s a weird accent, because it’s got so many different things in it like Scottish, Welsh, and God knows what else! There’s a lot of kind of sounds in it. There’s quite a lot of different types of sounds. So everyone has a different sound, it was quite tricky to get it right. We read in another interview a while back you said one of the challenging scenes was the pool scene, the fight scene, is that true?
Rupert: Yeah that was quite hard, it was quite physical, because we were sort of in and out of the swimming pool and fighting. And stuff like that. Was that an all day kind of shoot?
Rupert: Yeah we were at the pool for like 3 weeks, so most of that film was done at that pool. You know, it got quite intense. When we got wet we had to get out dry off and do it again, it was quite hard — it was good fun though!
SS: Did you have to go through any special training or did they just throw you in the pool?
Rupert: No it was just, there was no stunts. Just basically just fighting, that was it really.
SS: In the future are you gonna have to do any more special training for say, like Deathly Hallows, something like that.
Rupert: Yeah, because there’s a lot more sort of action stuff in particular for Ron as well because he‘s got some…. Stunts coming up!
Rupert: Yeah! Are you excited about that?
Rupert: I am yeah. I do like all the stunts in that because the Quiddich was really fun this time. It was a little bit painful but it was good fun. We heard about the broom thing, was it painful?
Rupert: Yeah it was good.. They made me a chair, like, they made this mold, I had to sit in this gelatin thing to get a mold of yeah, my, yeah my… (laughs) … to make it more comfortable and they sort of made this padded seat so it made it better. So that made it more comfortable? That’s good. Because you have to sit there for a long time right?
Rupert: Yeah I was up there for ages and, ohm, it does get quite sort of… but it‘s gonna come out good.

RGN: wants to know the last book film or album you bought or saw?
Rupert: Last book was probably Deathly Hallows. I read it again actually just now because we’re about to start for the next one. I think you always do that too, right? To kind of get it refreshed in your mind?
Rupert: Yeah, every time, just to get it in my head… so yeah, that was the last book. Last film was Slumdog Millionaire, it was really cool. And last album, I dunno actually. I don’t really buy albums anymore because of iTunes, I just sort of buy tracks really. I go through like different phases of music really. At the moment I’m into the Clash a bit now. The Clash!
Rupert: The Clash! Have you seen Say anything with John Cusack and the whole Clash thing? It’s from the ’80s… I’m telling my age!
Rupert: (Laughs) I’ve never seen that. Thank you so much for taking time out for us. The fans are going to be so excited to hear about this.
Rupert: Cool, and thanks for my T-shirt as well. Which one, from yesterday? [Karo bought Rupert a German Ampelmann shirt!]
Rupert: Yeah, it’s wicked! I gotta go back and tell her, she’s gonna be: YAY, all right, he got it!
Rupert: Thank you. See you soon.

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