Interview with Rupert Grint at the Wizarding World

published 4 November 2010
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What happens when you mix two staffers, and Rupert Grint? Complete and utter randomness! On the final evening of a spectacular week of events surrounding the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, our two staff members received a phone call to hook up with Rupert in a lovely patio setting behind the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.

Here, Rupert took time out of his evening to sit and chat with!

When we approached the meeting area, Rupert was standing and immediately approached us and greeted us with his winning smile. Rupert had on a black cardigan with a white shirt reading the words “Do you feel lucky?” (HELL YEAH!) We all shook hands and “formally” introduced ourselves (as we’ve had several encounters with Rupert at various events.) So here’s a snippet of what we discussed. Hey how are you, thanks for chatting with us tonight.
Rupert: Oh yeah no problem. So how are you liking Florida?
Rupert: (in an animated voice.) It’s SO HOT! Yeah I know.
Rupert: You’re from here? No, I am from Maryland, but it’s on the same coast. It’s around Washington D.C.
Rupert: Oh yeah!

At this point, we head over to the patio chairs to chat more with Rupert. The chairs were all wet so he laughed at us as we figured that out. Once seated, we chatted more about music, the Harry Potter films and future projects. I know we’ve pretty much asked you everything, but I guess the fans are always interested to know updates on Eddie the Eagle. There have been debates before about whether you were 100% attached or not?
Rupert: Oh no, no, no, I definitely am. I’m just kinda waiting, cause they are trying out different things with the script and stuff… but yeah, no, I think it will be next year. If it happens, it will be next year.” Okay, so it’s still a little while away.
Rupert: Yeah, oh yeah, it’s still a while away. Okay, that’s cool. I have a question because earlier at the Three Broomsticks, you were drinking frozen butterbeer.
Rupert: Yeah!
(One of the biggest questions at the Wizarding World was which butterbeer you liked better: frozen or regular.) So is it frozen butterbeer or regular butterbeer.
Rupert: Definitely frozen! I like the texture better. (We then discussed that regular was definitely a sweet sipping drink.)
(from speaking to other park visitors about Butterbeer, Rupert’s in the majority!) Well, since Eddie is awhile away, we know you need some time off first, but are you looking at anything else in between time?
Rupert: Yeah, actually there are a couple of things I am looking at right now. Oh cool.
Rupert: Yeah, I should be able to fit in a few more. And your American fans would love to see you do an American film. Have you ever considered doing an American film with an American accent?
Rupert: I would love to do that. Yeah, I’ve always been interested in doing an American film. Oh, really cool!!! Have you ever heard of John Waters?
Rupert: Uh, no! He was a director from Maryland. He made Pink Flamingos and he has directed Johnny Depp. So you should do one of his movies because he makes weird movies like the one you like, Eraser Head.
Rupert: Oh yeah! (Laughs) We also wanted to ask about Wild Target, but we already so much about it now.
Rupert: Have you guys seen it? No, but two of our staffers, Karo and Anna, saw it at the festivals. Yeah, the reviews are good.
Rupert: You’ve heard that? Well, I mean our staffers they seen it and wrote good reviews about it, but generally the critics reviews are positive.
Rupert: Oh good. So we hear the last day of Harry Potter was really emotional. Did you cry?
Rupert: (In a sad voice) Yeah, I did. Yeah, you really don’t know how you are going to prepare for that. We had read that you said that it was kind of like graduating.
Rupert: It really was. That’s okay, because it’s like you close one door and open another.
Rupert: Oh yeah, definitely. Now, we know the other night you did karaoke.
Rupert: (Laughs) I wanted to know if you were a Beastie Boys fan for real because it’s my favorite band!
Rupert: Oh yeah, I do like them. My favorite song is Intergalatic. Oh, good one. Have you been on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit?
Rupert: No, I am going to ride it tomorrow. Do you know what the ride is all about?
Rupert: No? Music, it plays music while you ride it, so you can choose the song you want to play and they have Beastie Boys’ Sabatoge. I went on it and played Sabatoge.
Rupert: Oh, that’s cool! Watch your head because it goes so fast, it will give you a headache.
Rupert: I will do that. (Laughs)

The rest of the conversation was mainly chit-chat back and forth about random things, and Rupert had to endure our silliness which we are happy to say, we had him giggling the entire time. By meeting him one-on-one, it really made us appreciate him more as a person. Words can’t express just how cool and down to earth Rupert is with his fans. If you are interested in more details or want to hear more about the meeting, then we’ll be in the forum to chat!

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