Interview with Rupert Grint on his 22nd Birthday

published 24 August 2010
written by What is your best birthday experience?
Rupert: My 21st – I had it at the studios with the cast and crew and the theme was a ‘kid’s party’. If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)
Rupert: The original A-Team We know you love 99 flake Ice Cream cones, but what about cake? What’s your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat? Have you ever baked a cake, and if so, what kind have you baked?
Rupert: My mum used to make wedding cakes and I’d help her out sometimes when I was very young. I’d say I was more of a cake ‘decorator’ than an actual baker though. In the past it’s been reported that you’ve received pajamas and a Cd with ice cream truck tunes as birthday gifts, can you tell us something interesting that you’ve received for your birthday by fans in recent years?
Rupert: I did a cover shoot for BLAG Magazine and my fans sent me a book filled with pictures of them taken with the magazine from all over the world. It was very cool… some were walking the wall of China; others in New York and even someone crossing a bridge over a river with a 100ft drop: all the while with my issue of BLAG.

( sent Rupert the Blag birthday gift and we are very excited that he really enjoyed it as much as we did putting it together. If you haven’t checked it out we still have all of the entries in our gallery here.) Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for this birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?
Rupert: Got to be my karaoke partner Sarah… We did it while in Orlando Florida for the opening of the HP theme park and it was very funny. Even made youtube.

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