Interview with Stephen Hilton – FlyKKiller

published 31 January 2009
written by Karo

We are delighted to introduce you to a fantastic band flyKKiller! One of the band members, Stephen Hilton, was kind enough to answer our questions and give us even more information about Cherrybomb. The band has submitted two songs to the movie soundtrack: a cover of The RunawaysCherrybomb, as well as their own song, Fear. So, without further ado — flyKKiller! Please introduce yourself quickly in your own words — tell us who you are, how you became a musician, what kind of music you make, etc.
Stephen: Hello, I’m Stephen Hilton, one half of the band flyKKiller with my partner in crime Pati Yang. I make music and write film scores — very eclectic style-wise, I’d say. If you were to choose one of your own songs to represent yourself, which one would it be?
Stephen: Hmmm, very hard to answer, but i guess the song flyKKiller from our first album Experiments in Violent Light. We are just about to shoot a video for this song as it is being used in another film due out later this year, called New Town Killers. What has (for you) been the most unusual inspiration for a song?
Stephen: A computer crash which inspired a tune called Sell My Pulse from the last album! What are your plans in the near future? (Concerts, tours, new albums…)
Stephen: Our second album is about two weeks away from being completed and should be out in the UK mid-2009, with US dates to follow. There will be shows and a very special visual event as well as hopefully a monthly club night in our native London town! The album is absolutely blinding even if I do say so myself!!! Who approached you with an idea to feature Fear and Cherrybomb a part of the soundtrack? Did you know David Holmes or the filmmakers before?
Stephen: Me and David wrote the score for Cherrybomb together and have been a partnership in a project called The Free Association for a while now. We are friends too! Do you know why Fear was chosen for the soundtrack? Did you know anything about the scenes the songs would be playing with?
Stephen: I think it just really suited this one really freaky/trippy moment which i don’t wanna say too much about, in case it spoils the surprise! Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what do you think about it? Do you think your Fear and Cherrybomb are suitable for the scenes they are in?
Stephen: I like the movie and Rupert and all the rest of the cast give really good performances too! I think the music works great as a whole — it really supports the movie — which is what you ideally want from a soundtrack. Describe what Fear and Cherrybomb are about, and which line is, in your opinion, the most important one in each song?
Stephen: Fear is about a panic attack and the whole thing is a bit of a metaphor — my favourite line is the bit about the belt sliding down the woman’s thigh! Cherrybomb is a cover of the original Runaways classic (which we both absolutely love) so it was a joy to cover it. It’s hard to pick the most important line though in one of your favourite songs! When you re-recorded the song carrying the film’s title, what changes did you make to the original?
Stephen: David asked us to cover it — we made the whole thing alot more electronic and I guess current. You can’t compete with the original in terms of that post-punky energy, so we took it in a different direction completely — ours is very grimey!

Many thanks to Stephen Hilton and the flyKKiller!!!

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