Interview with Thierry Muller – Ruth

published 4 February 2009
written by Karo

We are happy to share yet another interview with you, this time with Thierry Muller, who is featured on the Cherrybomb soundtrack with his project Ruth! Thierry also shares a personal detail about the song She brings the rain.
Voila Thierry Muller!

Ilitch-Ruth-Thierry Muller’s Myspace Can you introduce yourself shortly in your own words to those who have never heard of you (Who are you, how did you become a musician, what kind of music do you make)?
Thierry: I am a graphic designer and musician. I came to music through the “sound”. It is the interest of soundwork in 60-70’s progressive music, electro-acoustic, electronic, etc., who brings me to composition and “classical” instruments (keyboards, guitars,…). From this approach, I kept very open in my work. I can say that my music has a color, a “spirit” but not really a defined style. On all my albums, you’ll can find different styles (pop, rock, punk, noise, experimental, altogether…). If you were to choose one of your own songs to represent yourself, which one would it be?
Thierry: At this moment, I would say Desire on Lena’s life & others stories. But in one hour or tomorrow… ????? What was the most unusual inspiration for one of your songs?
Thierry: I don’t know… i can’t qualify one “bizarre”, maybe i’m “bizarre” !!! Maybe Periperikredcomando: Imagine Mickey as a bad boy who takes too much acid (!!!) What your plans in the near future? (Concerts, tours, new albums…)
Thierry: Some concerts, I’m working on a new Ilitch album, and on some tracks with Nicholas Littlemore (Empire of the sun, Pnau) for a jointly side project… Who approached you with an idea to feature She brings the rain a part of the soundtrack? Did you know David Holmes before?
Thierry: In july 2008, I had received a mail which begun like this :”hello my names david holmes and im working on a small budget film set in belfast called ‘CHERRYBOMB’. I was wondering if its possible to license your version of ’she brings the rain’ …” And it begun like that.
I knew his name, his musical culture fame and some of his Steven Soderbergh soundtracks’ titles. But we don’t know each other. Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what do you think about it? Do you think your She brings the rain suitable for the scenes it is in?
Thierry: As I said, I think David Holmes has a great musical culture and chose my version of this title because it illustrates the atmosphere of the scene when he first thought.
I saw a rush of the scene and, indeed, it works perfectly. There is something very addictive.
So, in relation to your question, I would say that She brings the rain goes well with the scene. Describe what She brings the rain is about, and which line is, in your opinion, the most important one?

Thierry: “Yes I care, she brings me spring,
But don’t care about nothing,
She brings the rain
in the dawn of the silvery day
Clouds seem to melt away,
She brings the rain, ”
What else ! Have you met any of the actors? If so, what was your impression?
Thierry: No, we never met. Maybe soon, who knows? She brings the rain is a cover of a song by the German band Can, which you recorded in 1985. Why did you choose that particular song to make a cover version?

Thierry: I loved and still loves the first Can albums. I bought this one in 1971 (Can-Soundtracks) and this track corresponded perfectly to the love story that I had at the time.
In 1985, for the album “Polaroid/Roman/Photo”, I wanted to pay tribute to Can and remembering that girl.

Merci beaucoup to Thierry and Ruth!!!

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