Media: Hand/Wand/Foot Ceremony 2007

published July 2009
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Preparations for the Hand/Wand/Foot Ceremony:

The cement is being prepared:

Soundcheck before the event:

James and Nigel Grint watching the preparations:


David Heyman arrives:

The Mayor before the Ceremony:

The Ceremony begins:

David Heyman’s speech:

Alan Horn’s speech:

Rupert Grint’s, Emma Watson’s and Daniel Radcliffe’s speeches:

Rupert, Emma and Daniel receiving their plaques:

Rupert, Emma and Dan leaving imprints of their wands:

Rupert, Emma and Dan writing their names:

Rupert leaving imprints of his hands:

Rupert, Emma and Dan leaving imprints of their feet:

Rupert’s shoes at the ceremony:

Rupert, Emma and Dan talking:

Rupert, Emma and Dan leaving after the ceremony:

Rupert’s imprints:

James Grint signing autographs after the ceremony:

Rupert Grint signing autographs:

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