Phone Interview with Rupert Grint

published 25 September 2012
written by Majbritt and Malene

Rupert Grint was kind enough to call us up and answer a few questions. Read the transcript of our interview below – and catch the audio here:

Rupert: Hello? Hello!
Rupert: Oh, hi. Are you all right? Yeah, we’re fine. How are you?
Rupert: Yeah, good. Good. Thank you so much for doing this.
Rupert: No, no problem. How long do you have, do you know?
Rupert: I’m not sure… 10 minutes? 10 minutes, that’s fine. So, we’re really looking forward to hearing something about the new projects you have coming up. But first, when do you start something new, do you have anything planned or something?
Rupert: Erhm, I’m not sure. There’s a few things kind of potentially happening, but nothing… I suppose there is the film called The Drummer. Probably that’s the next definite thing. Is that still happening in the fall, or has that been pushed?
Rupert: I think so, yeah. Next year I think. Maybe early next year. But yeah, I’m looking forward to that. You’ve filmed in Norway, Sweden, Romania, America. Which country comes next?
Rupert: I don’t know, they all have their own charm really. Romania was quite fun, it was quite a crazy place. I didn’t really know what to expect when I went there, but it was like one of the most dangerous places I’d ever experienced. There was an earthquake, I was chased by a wild dog. Really?
Rupert: Yeah, it was quite fun. You don’t have a dream location?
Rupert: Sorry, say that again? You don’t have a dream location for a project, anywhere you’d like to shoot a film?
Rupert: Erhm, I don’t know really. It’s okay if you don’t.
Rupert: America was quite fun, it was quite fun filming in America. I worked with CBGB, that was the first time I’d done that. Yeah, that was cool. You mentioned Romania, can you tell us a bit about the character you play in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman? What kind of guy is he?
Rupert: Yeah, I think my character is kinda quite strange, and changed a lot while we were filming. I was originally going to be German, with a German accent and everything, but eventually we didn’t do that in the end, because with so many different accents in the movie it would’ve been really confusing. But basically I play a guy called Carl who’s been travelling in Romania with his friend Luke, who’s played by James Buckley. And Shia Labeouf moves into the same hostel as us and he shares a room with us for a while. We kind of get dragged into all his problems, he falls in love with a girl who’s linked with this really dangerous gangster, and we get taken hostage. And my character’s a very strange person who, without giving away too much, has quite a unique ambition in life and he gets into a bit of medical problems. Yeah, it was fun and it was very different, I think it’s gonna be quite a weird, surreal, quite twisted film. Should be cool. So if you had to describe the film in one word, what would that be?
Rupert: Probably quite memorable. Very surreal, trippy. I mean, there’s a lot of drugs in it, weird kind of hallucinations. I’ve always loved seeing hallucinations in films. So it’s sort of like Trainspotting?
Rupert: Yeah, it’s gonna be a weird one. But hopefully cool. What was it like to work with Shia?
Rupert: Yeah *laughs*, it was interesting actually. I’ve always liked his stuff and it was great to meet him, he was very focused. Yeah, he was great, a really nice guy. I had some quite interesting scenes with him, so yeah it was fun to meet him. Did you have any scenes with Mads Mikkelsen and Evan Rachel Wood?
Rupert: Erhm… I’m trying to think. Yeah, Mads, we briefly met Mads. He’s a lovely guy. He was really cool, I’m a really big fan of him. He’s terrifying in the film *laughs* and he’s just such a lovely guy, really cool man. And Evan, no I actually didn’t have any scenes with Evan, but obviously I met her a few times, and she was great. It’s gonna be a really cool film. Who would you say would be your dream costar? If you could you choose anyone in the world, anyone you particularly admire?
Rupert: I don’ know really… hmm… I like, um, urgh… I can’t remember the name. I like Bill Murray, he’s cool, yeah I’ll say him. If you could guest star, for one episode or more, on any TV-show, British or American, which one would it be?
Rupert: I really like, there’s a TV-show in England called Alan Partridge. Yeah, I really like that one, I’d like to be on that. We have to make that happen then.
Rupert: *laughs* Yeah! Okay, CBGB, we’ve been following that for quite a bit, and everyone’s really, really looking forward to it.
Rupert: Oh, cool! Who did you enjoy working with aside from Alan Rickman?
Rupert: Yeah, it was great to see Alan again and working with him in a different kind of environment was strange, but it was great. He’s always been someone that I’ve really admired and one of my favourites actually from Harry Potter. It was great, he was actually quite fatherly on the film, because obviously he’s known me since I was quite young. He was really nice and it was just really a great experience because I’ve always wanted to be in a band, and to pretend was fun. Do you think you would ever consider getting into music like Samantha?
Rupert: Maybe. I mean, my sister’s really going down that road at the moment. She’s performing quite a few gigs this year and done a lot of festivals. She’s really great, she’s got a band now. It does look quite fun, but I need to learn an instrument first. But you are starting to develop sort of a musical reputation with Postman Pat, you also sing in Into the White and CBGB sort of.
Rupert: Yeah, that’s true. So what’s next? Are you going on stage? *laughs*
Rupert: *laughs* Maybe. I would never rule it out if the right think came along. It is something that scares me slightly and it would have to be the right thing, just ‘cause it seems like such a different thing. Scary. What about Postman Pat? You sing in that one, right?
Rupert: I do, yeah. Was it a song specifically written for the film, or did you do a cover?
Rupert: I actually haven’t done the singing bit yet. I think it’s going to be a cover, but it might be something written for it, but I don’t know yet. Just hoping they’ve got good auto-tuning *laughs*. We only know that you play a boyband member. Can you tell us a bit more?
Rupert: Yeah, Postman Pat was basically a huge part of my childhood. It was one of my favourite shows, and I was definitely going to do it ‘cause I love Postman Pat. Basically, Postman Pat enters a talent show kind of thing, like X-Factor or Pop Idol that kind of thing. He learns that he’s actually got a really good singing voice. I’m kind of like his rival in the competition and I have this evil manager who’s always trying to sabotage Pat’s chance by doing all of these crazy things. Yeah, it’s fun, I think it’s good and very loyal to the Postman Pat I knew as well, so hopefully it’s going to be good fun. Sounds good! So, about Enemy of Man – can you tell us a bit about it, what’s your character like and which accent?
Rupert: Yeah, it’s something that’s gonna be quite cool. It’s still in its early stages, I think. I’m not sure there’s a date for when we start filming. It’s basically MacBeth, which is one of my favourite of the Shakespeare stories and I think it’s going to really cool. It’s going to be a kind of gory, a quite true take on the story. A lot of horse riding and a Scottish accent *laughs* Just trying Shakespeare, I think it’s going to be quite a challenge, and I’m quite looking forward to that. If you could list 5 albums that should be on every shelf?
Rupert: 5 albums that should be on… every? On every shelf.
Rupert: Oh, on every shelf. Oh my god, I don’t know. There’s a band called the Longpigs *laughs* which is a really good album. I think it’s called *laughs*… yeah, that’s a good one. I’m trying to think of what else. Well, Dead Boys obviously?
Rupert: Yeah, actually that’s a really good album. I think it’s called Young, Loud and Snotty. Yeah, I’ve been listening to that quite a lot while I was filming. That’s a good one. So, seeing as this is over the phone and we’d like to give the fans a visual – can you tell us what you’re wearing?
Rupert: What I’m wearing now? Yeah.
Rupert: *Laughs* I’m wearing black jeans, a grey jumper with an overweight pirate on the front. Erhm… what else? That’s about it really. A wristband from a festival my sister was singing at and black Adidas trainers. Sounds good! If you could tell us one thing about yourself that no one would expect about you, what would that be?
Rupert: Erhm… no one would expect. Hmm… erhm, there IS something. I don’t know. *laughs* That was a hard one…
Rupert: I don’t know, I can’t think of anything *laughs*. I have a birth mark in the shape of Australia. Really? Not the size, just the shape, right?
Rupert: Just the shape, the outline of the country, yeah. On my side *laughs*. I’ve never told anyone that. I don’t think we’ve read that anywhere. So now we have an exclusive, that’s pretty cool.
Rupert: Yeah *laughs*. Thanks so much, Rupert.
Rupert: Great. No thank you. Good to talk to you. Yeah, you too. Bye!
Rupert: Speak to you soon. Bye!

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