Photo Interview 2 with Rupert Grint

published 14 February 2013
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We concluded our exclusive Interview with Rupert Grint about The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman with our second Photo Interview:

RGus: Okay, the last thing we are going to do is – do you remember the photo interview we did in Oslo? With the questions I asked and you answered with a face.
Rupert: Right! Well yeah, I remember that.
RGus: We thought we’d do that again, because it was very very popular with the fans.
Rupert: Yeah? Cool.

RGus: So the first question would be your face a few seconds before you bungy-jump.
PhotoInterviewBerlin (1)

RGus: Second one. You’re about to disarm a bomb.
PhotoInterviewBerlin (2a)

Rupert: Uuh… yeah, that didnt really work (laughing hard) You’ll get a second chance…
PhotoInterviewBerlin (2b)

Rupert: That’s probably quite similar to the bungy-jump…

RGus: The next one. You are bungy-jumping right at this moment.
PhotoInterviewBerlin (3)

RGus: And now… Oops! I did it again!
Rupert: (laughs) Oops, I did it again.
PhotoInterviewBerlin (4a)

Sarah: That’s a Britney dance routine, I’m sure.
PhotoInterviewBerlin (4b)

Rupert: I don’t know what that is…

RGus: And the last one, you just survived a bungy-jump.
PhotoInterviewBerlin (5)

Thanks a million to Rupert for taking the time to talk to us!

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