Photo Interview with Rupert Grint

published 9 April 2012
written by Karo

During the Press Call for Into the White, we had the opportunity to not only attend the Press Conference and Photocall, but also to sit down with the charming Rupert Grint for a one-on-one for several minutes.

After a bit of small talk (Rupert: “I’m good, but I’m REALLY tired after last night!”), we spent several minutes talking about Into the White, Rupert’s singing and his haircut for the film, which you can read here.

After this, Rupert agreed to do a quick photo interview with us – a question, and a picture as an answer. No words, no second try. It was incredibly impressive how quickly Rupert gave the expression, and even though we said no words are allowed, we decided to include the exchange during the second question… I am going to do something else, I am going to ask five questions, because we heard from David and Florian that you are always, as soon as the camera is on, you are in character. I was going to ask five questions and you get to answer them with just one facial expression and I am going to take one picture.
Rupert: Just facial expressions? Yeah.
Rupert: Okay… How did you feel the first time you had to ski? What was your favourite scene in Into the White? What was your favourite scene?
Rupert: Oh, wait, that’s a hard one… *makes expression* *starts to smile* *takes picture* “Errr. What scene was that?”
Rupert: Er. That scene was… *laughs* I dunno actually! I don’t know. I just panicked.”
*both laugh* How did you feel at the premiere last night? What kind of role would you like to play next? How are you going to react when you win an Oscar?

Thanks a million to Rupert for taking the time to talk to us!

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