Project: Birthday 2009

published 26 May 2009
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Here, you can find all the information you need to participate in our project for Rupert’s Birthday present. Actually, we have two projects this time, so you can choose to participate in either one of them — or both!

PROJECT 1 – Converse 4evah!

A few weeks ago, a discussion in the forums about Rupert’s shoes turned into a thread about what kind of Converse Ice Cream Man readers own. Apparently Rupert is not the only one who loves his converse, so here’s what we are going to do: We would like you to send in photos of your Converse. If you own more than one pair, send us more than one picture. We need as many pictures as we can get, because the pictures we receive will then be turned into a so-called “Photo Mosaic”.

Most of you probably know the film poster of The Truman Show, consisting of many tiny pictures making up Jim Carrey’s head (coincidence that this film stars Rupert’s former favourite actor and his mother from Driving Lessons?!).

So, what do you need:

– a camera
– as many Converse as you own
– your feet
– internet.

– Put on the converse,
– find a nice background to stand on (or lie down on the floor and put your feet against a wall or door!),
– bend over (come on, a bit of gymnastics for Rupert…)
– and take a picture (or more) of your shoes!

– Put the picture on your computer,
– get online,
– and send the picture(s) with your name (and if you want to, Birthday wishes for Rupert) to Karo: karoicm[at]

Here are some sample pictures:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

PROJECT 2 – Blag Around The World

A few months ago, Dunigan started the project called Blag Around The World in our Rupert’s Army forum here. Since we have received many great submissions, we decided to expand it into a birthday project as well!

So, all of you who own a copy of BLAG featuring Rupert, please head out to a local landmark that somehow shows your place on this Earth and take a photo of yourself reading the mag. You can be by anything that shows location whether it is an easily recognized landmark (i.e. Times Square, Big Ben) or just a sign that says the name of your location (i.e. Hawaii State Theatre).

If you don’t want to post photos of yourself, then post pics of your kids/pets/friends with Blag! Or just a photo of the magazine next to a city landmark. Feel free to get as creative as you want too! Whether its in location or style of shot, just have fun and show your love.

Once we have received all the submissions, we will make an album and send one copy to Rupert himself, and the other one to Sarah and Sally Edwards, as a big THANK YOU for featuring Rupert!

So, you can either post your photos and the accompanying stories in our forum here, or email them directly to Ivana: ivamedena[at] And we will be adding all photos that we have received so far to our gallery asap!

The deadline for both projects is August 7th, 2009, so please hurry!

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