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published 01 May 2009
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The Official Cherrybomb Campaign has been launched by Ice Cream Man and The Little Film Company in order to ensure the widest possible cinematic release for Cherrybomb! In the present financial climate, it is proving difficult to sell independent movies to distributors; however, if the fans worldwide express their enthusiasm for Cherrybomb, then the chances of securing a distribution deal will rise dramatically! Here’s how you can get involved.

There are six separate petitions targeting the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Brazil. This is based off of statistics we gathered that show a large amount of people in these areas who have either viewed the Cherrybomb trailer, visited Ice Cream Man or other websites/communities that link Rupert Grint news. (Note: If Cherrybomb is released in American, it will most likely get deals thatinclude Canada so if you are from North America sign the American Petition!!)

The first thing you need to do is think of all of the social sites, Harry Potter sites, or fan communities that you can link the petition to. Remember that if you are from Brazil for example, then you are seeking signatures from Brazilian celebrity sites or Harry Potter Brazilian communities etc…. If you are an American fan, then you know we have many celebrity sites and blogs who have featured the Cherrybomb trailer — from Entertainment Weekly and Cinema Blend to MTV!

Where To Market Cherrybomb:




bebo, twitter and other social networking sites


message boards on movie sites, celebrity sites, forums

blogs and websites that you’re involved with

fan listings, mailing lists

How To Market Cherrybomb:

Here’s an example of what you can use to post to these communities. Remember to alter it depending on where you post it.

Dear Friends,

Most of you are aware by now that I am a fan of Rupert Grint who is most famous for his role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. As you know I have eagerly been waiting for his independent movie Cherrybomb to be released in theaters!

Well we have just received word that there is a bit of a struggle, as some of these distribution companies think that only Harry Potter fans are interested in Cherrybomb. We would like to prove them wrong, so we have composed a petition and we need your signature to show that, if given the opportunity, you would actually go and see this film! Please follow this link, sign and leave your comment for Cherrybomb!

Note: When you get people to sign the petition, first and foremost encourage them to leave a comment!!! Warn them to not leave comments like “Ron Weasley is hot I want to see this.” All of our remarks will be viewed by industry professionals, and we want them to take us seriously or we are just wasting their time! Instead, write something simple, like: “I am from Los Angeles and would love to see this movie come to my theater. It looks really interesting, the directing looks great etc….”

If you are not even a Harry Potter fan it would be great to mention that, because again that proves that people would like the movie despite Rupert being a part of the HP franchise!

If you run a Brazilian, German, Italian, French or any other fan-site and have additional questions, ideas, comments please contact us: We would love to work with you and make sure the news is properly presented/translated to your readers!


United States Cherrybomb Petition

United Kingdom Cherrybomb Petition

Brazil Cherrybomb Petition

Germany Cherrybomb Petition

Italy Cherrybomb Petition

France Cherrybomb Petition

Warning: (If your country is not listed but you are near any of these locations and can see the film, then sign it! But please don’t hurt our chances to be taken seriously by signing all of them more than once because it could be damaging. We promise to include other areas soon.)

And don’t forget to join the Official Cherrybomb FaceBook Community set up exclusively by “The Little Film Company!” Join us now, post comments on the wall, and stay up to date with the latest!

Forum is open to discuss!!! Click here!

Update: Another tool for you to use is youtube. Thanks to Laura we now have a video put together to post on sites, communities etc…

Cherrybomb Promo Campaign Video

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