Project: How To Get Your Copy Of BLAG Magazine!

published 1 March 2009
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As you all know, ICM operates the policy “By The Fans, For The Fans”, and recently we have promised:

1) to enable everyone interested to get their own precious copy of BLAG magazine with Rupert Grint on the cover, and

2) to provide you with a comprehensive guide and explain how this can be done.

So, here we go! First of all, as we have mentioned in the comments, ICM will not be able to publish scans from the BLAG Magazine anywhere on the website, including our gallery – as requested by Rupert’s publicity team. If you need further information on this, feel free to PM me (Ivana) and I will explain everything. Of course, in the forthcoming weeks BLAG magazine will probably release a few more images from the photoshot on their official website, as well as the video clip taken on occasion of the photoshot. Still, if you want to fully enjoy this amazing Rupert feature, it is best to buy a copy of the magazine.

Now, for those of you living in the United Kingdom, the United States, the countries of the European Union, Australia, Japan, or any other country where BLAG magazine normally ships, the easiest and the fastest way to get your copy is either to purchase it from the stores which stock it (Barnes&Noble and such — see the full list here), or to order it directly from their website here. To do so, you will need either a PayPal account, or a valid credit or debit card. They accept most major cards (Visa/Delta/Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, Switch/Maestro and Solo). If you don’t have a card, or a paypal account, you might know someone (say, a parent or a friend) who has them, so please ask them to buy the magazine for you, as this will save you money and time.

So, before contacting us, please make sure to check whether you can order the magazine directly from BLAG!!!

The prices when you purchase online are as follows:

UK: £7.95 including shipping costs

EU: £9.95 including shipping costs

USA and the rest of the world: £12.95 including shipping costs

The magazine will be available to be shipped on 10 March if you live in Europe, and the international dates will be announced shortly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, in case:

1) you live in a country where the magazine can’t be shipped, or

2) your country’s laws do not enable you to buy foreign goods online, or

3) your credit/debit cards are not valid anywhere else in the world, or

4) you live in the UK/US/EU/Japan/Australia but don’t know anyone who could borrow you their credit card or buy the magazine for you…

… then ICM is here to help! We will purchase a copy for you, and then we will send it to you via regular post. However, ICM operates on a very tight budget, and we cannot afford to give away free copies of the magazine (especially because it is quite expensive), so you will have to pay for them.

We should stress that ICM won’t be making a single penny of profit by doing this — we are not eBay resellers and we don’t want to rip you off — so you will only have to pay the actual magazine price, plus the shipping costs. The exact amount of money will be different for each one of you, depending on where you live, so we will have to arrange the payment details with each one of you separately.

You can send us the money using any of the following:

1) snail mail, i.e. regular post. However: don’t just put money in the envelope and send it, because it might get lost or stolen! Instead, use the special delivery service, or any other secure money sending option available from your local post office;

2) Western Union, or Money Gram, or any other money transfer company. Beware: all these companies charge substantial fees (say, if you want to transfer £25 via Western Union, you will have to pay up to £12 for the handling fees, so the total sum you pay will be £37)! So, the snail mail might be a cheaper option;

3) direct bank transfer: again, this option might not be available in all countries, so please check in your local bank.

Of course, we could accept PayPal payments, but if you do have access to PayPal, then you should use it to buy the magazine yourself, instead of asking us to buy it for you!

Although the magazine is not available for shipping yet, we would appreciate if you could email us asap (the deadline for sending your requests is Friday, 6 March 2009) and let us know how many copies you need, so that we can order the sufficient number of copies in advance. NOTE: some of you have already emailed us, but please resend your requests, so that we know that you are definitely interested in buying it. Please use our contact form, and state clearly:

– which country you’re from,

– how many copies you need,

– the reason why you can’t buy the magazine yourself,

– which payment option you will be using (snail mail, Western Union, etc.),

– and don’t forget to leave your contact details (preferably e-mail address), so that we can contact you back.

Do not send any money until we tell you to! As I have mentioned, the shipping costs will vary, depending on where you live, so we will have to arrange this and inform you about the exact sum required before you can send it.

Hope this clarifies everything. However, if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at and we will be happy to help!

Love, ICM staff

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