Project: No Magazine Orders

published 9 March 2010
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The regular email address to order this magazine featuring Rupert Grint is temporarily down so until the issue is resolved please send your order inquiry to

With No Magazine being relatively new, they don’t yet have international distributors, but anyone wanting to arrange direct payment (costs vary depending where you are) and a
copy to be shipped directly to your door.

Remember to tell them you are interested in purchasing NO Magazine #9 “Reinvention” with Rupert Grint.

For alternate ways to order the magazine we have a few fans in the area willing to send copies. For all other inquiries email

This issue will be on shelves in New Zealand on Thursday, and in Australia about two weeks after that.

UPDATE: Rupert Grint Re-Invention Now Sold out. You have a couple of options to still obtain your copy though. If you want it in print 4,000 copies are on the way to Australia and we have some generous fans who will be stocking up on them for us. Send your inquiry to and we’ll put you on the list. If you already contacted us we have you on the list and will keep you all updated as to when the magazines make it in.

OR you can can download a digital copy of it via ZINIO. It only takes a few minutes to download and it’s yours.

COST: 10 NZD translates to around 7 US dollars

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