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~Why Rupert’s Army?~

The lack of Rupert in the media (except when a new movie comes out, but even then) is simply unpleasant. It seems that everyone wants to treat Rupert as “just the sidekick”, and it is obvious that both Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson get much more media coverage and exposure. In our opinion, this is unfair and needs to be changed. This is not about beating Dan or Emma, it is about putting Rupert in his rightful place amongst the trio. The media may not think that Rupert is popular or interesting enough to be bothered with, but we are here to prove them wrong!
We need to express our dissatisfaction whenever we feel that Rupert has been shunted aside – such was the case of the infamous Entertainment Weekly’s list of Top 30 Actors Under 30, when Rupert was shamefully left out, or the Teen Vogue trio photo shoot, when only Dan and Emma ended up on the cover. We cannot let these things happen again. The reason Dan and Emma are so popular is because their fandom speaks loud enough to be heard.

We will offer you here a list of suggestions on what you can do to boost Rupert’s popularity. We don’t want to tutor you, just to remind you that we, the fans, have the power to change things! But in order to do so we have to let the media know who we are interested in!

We can help Rupert win major awards if we join forces, as proved by the contest 2007 Popstar of the Year

Please remember, we are doing this for fun, and because we love Rupert, so instead of wasting your time befriending his impostors on MySpace or Facebook (and there are hundreds of “false Ruperts” out there), let’s focus on something that might actually help the real Rupert.

Also note that we will have a featured project each month, so keep checking! Scroll down below for info on this month’s project!

~Search Engines~

Magazine editors are lazy (oops, I mean busy). When deciding who to put in their magazines (in order to sell more copies) or who to feature on their websites (in order to get more hits), they usually turn to big search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Lycos, MSN, AOL and their lists of top searches. They quickly examine the lists of most searched items and decide who is the most popular/interesting/demanded at the moment. Simple as that. If the said editors do not see Rupert’s name featured on the lists of top 100 most requested celebrities, they will decide that he is not popular enough and turn to someone else. This is why search engines are so instrumental in boosting Rupert’s popularity.

What you need to do, whenever you have some spare time, is type Rupert’s name and search for him via one of these major search engines. You can search for news, pictures, blogs, whatever you feel interested in – every single search counts towards the total quota! Besides, most of these major engines have their own pages dedicated to Rupert, usually featuring some basic info on him, plus a selection of photos. Make sure to check those as often as possible.
Most of these websites allow you to see the current standings, i.e. who tops their lists at any given moment. Therefore, you can monitor Rupert’s progress and increase the number of hits, if necessary.

Here are some of the pages you might find interesting:

  • (Rupert @ AOL (Moviefone) Rupert topped this list for the first time in March 2008! Since then he has slipped, so let’s put him back on top!


We would like to draw your attention to Rupert’s MSN MoviePage

and his MSN Photo Page

Also view Rupert’s current ranking.

Here’s what we need you to do. Beside visiting Rupert’s page and viewing the pictures as often as possible, ๐Ÿ™‚ you should put the link in your siggy (at any forum board) and check the link regularly. Any clicks to Rupert’s MSN page will count for him. So when you put the link at your siggy or post it in a forum, you can hope that whoever clicks the link, won’t stop there, and will go on clicking to find other Rupert pics at MSN. All those clicks and searches will count for Rupert. The more you post on forums, the more your siggy link gets exposed — and that means more chances there’ll be some curious people clicking on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You may not know this, but when the MSN Hotlist or the Top 100 Searches of 2007 was released, Dan Radcliffe was ranked at #8, and Emma Watson among the Top 50 (#36), while Rupert was nowhere near Top 100. ๐Ÿ™
Dan was even named the MSN Hotlist Man of the Year (2007).

This is what we call injustice, but again, this just goes to show that Dan’s and Emma’s fans worked their asses off to get their faves into the Top 100, while we didn’t. Let us make it clear that we don’t hate Dan and we’re not putting Rupert directly in competition with him. It is unlikely that Rupert can dethrone Dan anytime soon, but at least we can make an effort to put him at least at #100.

However, let us warn you that all these search engines (MSN, Google, Yahoo) can detect if there’s a deliberate/concerted or organized effort from just a group of people to push a certain “search item’s rank” higher. So, you should not be obviously calling attention to the link in your siggy, or asking others to click on it openly. Just keep visiting Rupert pages for your own viewing pleasure, and maybe we will be able to accomplish something!

~Internet Movie Database (IMDb)~

As the most popular movie database in the world, with several million hits daily, IMDb is one of the best indicators of one’s popularity. There are several things we can do to boost Rupert’s rating there. Although the actors are not exactly “rated”, their movies are! IMDb operates two major lists voted by their users, the Top 250 movies, and the Bottom 100 movies of all time. The way IMDb calculates the rankings is based on the number of people who vote for a certain film and the average mark. Ay, here’s the rub: the minimum votes required to be listed in the Top 250 is 1300, and only votes from regular voters are considered. Therefore you cannot vote for Rupert’s movies only, but you also have to vote for some other movies of your choice as well, in order to become a “regular voter”. But that shouldn’t demoralise you!
Here are the current ratings of Rupert’s films:

  • Thunderpants – 2.8/10
  • Driving Lessons – 6.7/10
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 7.2/10
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – 7.2/10
  • Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban – 7.7/10
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 7.7/10
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -7.4/10

Since Harry Potter movies get plenty of votes from the fans of the franchise, we should mostly focus on Rupert’s non-HP roles. As you could notice, Thunderpants is rated rather low – in fact, it used to be shamefully low ranked, until last year it was in the bottom 100. This is a disgrace, but obviously Rupert haters were determined enough to put him and his movie down. Driving Lessons is rated rather well, but it could also use some help.
What you need to do is register as an IMDb user (if you haven’t already done so), and then vote for Rupert’s movies. The more stars you give, the better!

Once Rupert’s latest movie Cherrybomb gets released, we will plan a synchronized action and try to push it into Top 250 films! This is not an easy goal, we will need a lot of votes (and Rupert haters will try their best to downrate the movie). So, in the meantime, please try to find, connect to and win over as many Rupert fans as possible; invite them to join Rupert’s Army, because we will need to mobilize everyone to vote for Cherrybomb when the time is ripe!

Another thing about IMDb is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of forum boards and threads for each movie and actor on Earth! If you want to help promote Rupert, make sure that you join the discussions, start new Rupert-related threads, defend him against bashers, etc! Spread the word on how awesome Rupert really is – if we, his fans, don’t do it, nobody else will!

~Other Cool Websites~

Rupert @ 43Things
The site gives you an opportunity to list down 43 things or goals that you’d like to achieve — from really simple but important ones like “actually wake up when my alarm clock goes off” — to just frivolous or crazy ones like “bungee jumping”. It’s on the premise that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them — but 43 Things also lets you share them with others and inspire or “cheer” each other on.

There’s a good number of people who have listed “meeting Rupert” as one of their goals — and here’s your chance to share that goal with them and “cheer” them on. The biggest Rupert page in the site (in terms of number of participants) is this: 43Things

When you click the “I’ve done this” button, you can share a story about how you did it, declare it “worth doing”, and inspire others with the same goal because every goal that is declared “done” earn you cumulative “cheers” that you can use to cheer others on.

Here’s the page of other Rupert-connected goals (date Rupert, Kiss Rupert, etc.) at

Rupert @ Bestuff
This is a cool website that simply asks you to input your “best stuff” in the world: whether it be a song that inspires you, or the best explication of Kantian aesthetics, etc. etc. … it’s up to you! Of course, Rupert has a page there , so feel free to join this community of people who have all voted for Rupert as one of the best stuff in the world for them!

On Rupert’s page, when you click the “I think it’s the best!” tab, you will see all categories where Rupert has been voted as “the best”, such as The Best Harry Potter Actor, The Best Hair, The Best Smile, The Best Future Hottie, etc. These categories were created by the members themselves, and so far, Rupert has already been voted into 24 categories — the maximum number of allowable categories that a “stuff” can be voted in. This means that you can’t add more categories for him.

In the past, Rupert was number 1 in most categories, especially those against his other HP co-stars, like this one major category: The Best Harry Potter Actor. Since then, other HP stars have surpassed him, so let’s put Rupert back on top!

Also you can vote under People : Rupert Grint and Emma Watson – Best On-screen/Off-screen Chemistry, or create other categories such as Rupert Grint and Jessie Cave – Best Chemistry, Rupert Grint and Michelle Duncan – Best On-screen Kiss, or whatever.

You can also vote for your other fave stuff and build a list of your favorite things. Have fun!

~TV Shows and Magazines~

a) Request Rupert!

As we have already mentioned, magazine editors, chat show hosts, program editors etc. are lazy buggers who like to play it safe. In most cases they are not interested in discovering true talent, but they want to showcase someone who is already creating buzz, someone who is already in high demand for whatever reason. However, there is a way to direct their attention to someone, and that is by sending them letters, emails and messages and requesting to read/hear/see more on certain celebrity.

For example, if you would like a magazine like Teen Vogue to write about Rupert, offer them some reasons why you think he should be featured: list his movie roles (especially his leading roles), tell them why you think he is great, and remind them that Rupert commands a huge and dedicated fanbase who wishes to see more of him. Feel free to request Rupert articles, posters, photoshoots, whatever. Please be sure to be polite and address each person professionally. (ie: Dear Mr. Dinning).

From September onwards we will be running a project: each month we will choose a magazine and start campaigning to put Rupert on cover. Now that his role in Cherrybomb has already created lots of buzz, this shouldn’t be too difficult! Until then, here’s a list of UK/US magazines that you can write to:

  • Empire Magazine:
  • Vanity Fair Magazine:
  • Cosmopolitan USA Magazine: Go to and then select from the left hand column: write to us and fill out their form
  • Cosmopolitan UK Magazine:
  • Esquire Magazine:
  • She Magazine:
  • Zest Magazine:
  • The National Magazine company:
  • ElleGirl Magazine:
  • CosmoGirl Magazine:
  • Seventeen Magazine: Fill in form here to request an article on Rupert.
  • Teen People Magazine: Fill in form here to request a feature on him.
  • YM Magazine:
  • Sugar Magazine:
    64 North Row
    W1K 7LL
  • J-14 Magazine:
  • Elle Girl Magazine: or
  • Tiger Beat Magazine:
  • Twist Magazine:

Pick up “teen mags” that have reader surveys such as “WOW!” and fill them out stressing the importance of seeing Rupert featured!

[NOTE: Of course, if you live in any other non-English speaking country, feel free to write to your own local magazines and demand Rupert! And if your campaign has been successful, make sure to send us the scans for our gallery!!!]

The same strategy applies to chat shows and other TV and radio shows. If you want to see Rupert as one of the guests, tell them so! Stuff them with letters! If you don’t, they will invite someone else! Of course, when the HP propaganda machinery gets rolling, the actors are invited more frequently to chat shows and such; but the important thing is to showcase Rupert’s other movies, especially the ones that get limited release.

b) Complain!

Whenever Rupert is a victim of injustice, whenever he is shamefully neglected or mistreated by a magazine or a website or a chat show host, feel free to express your anger and frustration! Tell them that Rupert’s omission from their annual lists calls the credibility of their lists into question. Tell them you will not buy their magazine or visit their website, unless they feature Rupert Grint. Tell them that you will invite other Rupert fans to boycott them. Tell them that you will cancel your subscription. If you must, tell them to f*ck off, but it is better to provide them with a list of reasons why you think they treated Rupert unfairly. Here are two sample letters, by Tao and Wicked Jo, written on occasion of Rupert’s omission from EW’s Top 30 Under 30 Actors. These are sample letters with loads of information. Please personalize your own letter and include anything you find relevant. Of course you don’t have to go in that much detail, but the more the merrier!

~Social Networking~

Again, no need to tutor you on this. Express your opinion! Find people who share your opinions! Find people who don’t share your opinions and tell them to stick it! Create your own blogs! Create or join Live Journal communities! Sign up for Rupert Grint fanlistings! Create your own networks of Rupert fans! In short – get active! Why? Because WHENEVER THERE’S A POLL, we need you to SPREAD THE WORD and INVITE PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR RUPERT! If there is an important Rupert-related information, we need you to POST IT EVERYWHERE! Let other Rupert fans know what is happening, keep them updated, keep them alert! This is how other fandoms work, this is how other actors (Dan and Emma included) end up winning major awards voted by masses. We need to do this for Rupert!!!

~What next?~

We have given you here just a list of ideas on what can be done to boost Rupert’s popularity, to help him get noticed and land even more starring roles and, in turn, keep us happy! We will be working together on our projects/campaigns, and in the meantime, keep voting for Rupert on this page (we will keep you updated on any new polls and contests) and spread the word about his awesomeness! Enjoy!

If you want to sign up as a proud member of Rupert’s Army, or just view the list of Rupert’s Army members, please do it here!

~ICM Staff~

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