Report: Carla on the set of ‘Cherrybomb’

published 8 August 08
written by Carla

I live in Belfast, and Cherrybomb was being filmed near-ish to where I live… I only had to hop on a bus to get there. I found out the filming location because I knew someone who knew someone who was working behind the scenes on the film. I got in contact with them, argued my case, and they agreed I could come down to the set as long as I didn’t bring very many people, and that I knew the likelihood that an autograph would be possible, but a chance of getting to meet him was pretty slim.

1) The pic was taken just off the set… the set itself was a house, and I didn’t really get anywhere near it so I can’t unfortunately tell you much more about it 🙁

2) So no scenes being shot, unfortunately… I met Rupert at the very end of his day after he had shot his last scene.

3) I have no idea when the film was set lol, but his hairstyle was styled that way. Yeah, looked like a lot of gel had been in place… it was an interesting hairdo if I do say so myself! 😀

4) Rupert seemed really very nice. We approached him at the very end of his long day, and he was still happy to chat to us for a bit, sign an autograph and take a picture. It was so so strange when I met him… I approached him and I just sort of looked at him for a minute … (It was pretty surreal!)… and we were just laughing (me more giggling) kind of nervously not knowing what to say, and I eventually just offered my hand and said “Hey, I’m Carla!” (I know I know, but it’s the best I could come up with… I mean, I couldn’t just leap in and be like – YOU ARE FANTASTIC! – could I!?) So he shook my hand, and said “Hey, nice to meet you Carla, I’m Rupert…” 😀 Then his PR type person called Sarah (who was really nice) said “Okay we’ll get a few pics done then” and we stood over to the pavement where the pic was taken. I asked him if he’d sign something first, and I got out my Irish Language edition Harry Potter, and handed it to him. He flicked through it looking really, really confused and said “Is this in Irish?!” And I said “Errrrrr Yea” and he said “Wow, that’s really cool” – which is a small detail but means a lot to me. That copy was before, and definitely is now, the favourite Harry Potter book I have… the language means a lot to me so I liked how he was impressed ^_^

Then we took the photo, which was pretty cool, as you can see I’m smiling so much! It was so sunny that day, which is why I think his eyes are squinting in that pic lol! Still, I think he looks really nice of course 😀 And before I left I thought that this opportunity doesn’t come around much so I asked him for a hug, and he said “Sure!” and he hugged me, which was really really nice of him.

I’m afraid we only were with him for about 10 minutes, and we didn’t chat about the movie or anything much really… I was conscious of the fact that he was sure to be very tired, and I really wanted to avoid bothering him more than I already had… (not that he didn’t seem obliging, on the contrary, he seemed like he would make time no matter what for his fans… his response to us showed real character on his part in my humble opinion).

And the whole time he was laughing and smiling, and just happy to be there He seemed to be a pretty nice guy, but also quite quiet as a person I found. Sort of shy, but… very much endearingly so. Maybe gentleman is the word ? Yeah, I’ll go with that. He had a lot to gloat about and be cocky about (let’s face it – he does) and none of that came across. He was just a normal, sound (I don’t know if you use that term where you are!) guy!

7) HAHA! It’s so funny, cause I was going to mention this in my little story… Yes, he smelt very very good! Haha at my fangirlish way of replying to that question! How to describe it… erm… it was not overpowering, quite faint but still enough for a girl to notice Yeah, he smelt good.

(Btw, he signed my book Rgrint and then underneath in brackets he wrote (RON)… I only read this after i got home… now I wish I’d told him that Driving Lessons is probably my favourite performance of his… oh, and I wish I had the guts to tell him that he looked very very very hot that day 😀 It’s hard when he’s in front of you though, you know? Nothing can really prepare you for that!)

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