Report: ‘Cherrybomb’ at Berlinale by Georg

published 11 February 2009
written by Georg

First of all – a huge thank you to the at the Berlinale and especially to Karo, who organized “last-minute” tickets for my girlfriend and me. We would have had no chance because less than one minute after the online-sale had started all tickets were sold out. Also tickets at the booths were given away in less than half an hour. So – Cherrybomb and Rupert Grint at the Berlinale definitely was dawning brightly.

Arriving at the Babylon cinema about an hour early we discovered a 10 to 20 yard long red carpet with fences on either side and about 200 fans waiting for the stars. There were also some police, guards and exclusion zone in front of the red carpet. Some poeple still tried to get tickets at a counter situated behind a side entrance – but in vain. And some walked around with signs reading “Suche Karten”.

We met the Jo, AJ and Karo, who had seized a front position at the fence just before the entrance to the cinema and Jo was just giving an interview to a press girl, who was all taken aback because she told her she had just flown over from Texas to see Rupert and Cherrybomb in Berlin. The five of us decided to send my girlfriend inside to reserve seats for us, me to take pictures from an elevated position half way up a floodlight post close to the fence and the girls to keep their position. After leaving my friend at the other side entrance I walked around a bit to see what sort of people had appeared. Of course lots of girls in the front rows, but also a remarkable amount of grown ups and naturally the press with a lot of equipment. They had a reserved area at the fence opposite “my” lamp post. I took some pictures of the site and then climbed to my post. I wasn’t alone “hanging” in the alu-construction: there were another guy, one more girl and a boy aged 10. All waiting for Mr. Grint.

About half an hour before the film started, two dark vans appeared and stopped in front of the carpet. First Kimberley Nixon climbed out of the car and the shouting of the fans become louder. She stood there a bit undecided and a man approached her side and put his arm around her – I think it was her boyfriend. Both seemed to feel a bit uncomfortable. Then Robert Sheehan came out of the car, stood aside of Kimberly, put his arm around her shoulder and the press guys took some pictures. Shouts for Robert – he turned round and … no he didn’t start signing but took a camera off his belt, said “one second” and started filming the row of fans in front of him! The next ones to appear were the two directors, slightly unnoticed by the crowd because their faces aren’t that well known.

And then another car stopped and Rupert Grint stepped on the red carpet. He is a bit short and he walked in somewhat unremarkably, so first only the crowd at the beginning of the fences fully reacted to his appearance. After walking a few steps he started signing but stopped shortly after, because he saw the director and hugged him. Then he noticed Robert and said hello to him (no hugging), returning to write autographs. I was all the time balancing with the other guys on that post, filming a lot and so I couldn’t concentrate on what was happening in detail. But I got my videos and had a close look at them later.

There were quite many tall guys standing in second or third row, stretching their arms over the people’s heads of the first row and pushing big HQ photos right under the nose of Rupert. They were obviously just fishing for autographs to sell them later. So how did Rupert react? First of all he clearly knew the situation and that kind of people. He slowly walks along the fence keeping his head a bit bent forward so his hair slightly covers his eyes. While pretending to look on the pic he’s signing there is a short look up. If he’s facing that kind of people he keeps a business-like face and walks on. If there is a fan, he’s interested in, he smiles, sometimes stops and talks, etc. He clearly sorts. This was very interesting to discover.

After having paced some distance on the red carpet a guard pointed at a disabled girl in a wheelchair, who was allowed at the entrance to the carpet. Rupert walked to her, bent a bit forward and talked to her and finally hugged her for a photo. A totally touching scene.

And my favorite: The press wanted to take pictures of the trio waving. Robert said to the photographers “you have to work for it”, so they start cheering at the three. Rupert and Robert animate them to keep on going even harder, Kimberly is all laughing between the boys, and finally they wave. I put this on Youtube – enjoy!

Finally they went in. So did those who had tickets but using a separate entrance. The directors and actors were seated at the balcony. I don’t want to summarize the film because of the spoilers and I’d like to suggest to everyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet not to read any spoilers because they really “spoil” the Cherrybomb-experience. The film is what we call in German “der absolute Hammer”, which means something like outrageous or vigorous. As the public briefings of Cherrybomb describe it, there’s an awful lot of drug parties, rough language, sex scenes, horrible “family” situations – you would never think of. But – the trio acts so perfect, you have no chance to mentally “escape” the nightmare.

Outside the cinema one could see three pretty normal, nice and friendly youngsters, and in the movie they are totally transformed. The worst scene I remember is when Luke’s brother hits their father’s head against a wall to punish him and Luke is sitting on a sofa in the same room, obviously feeling the full aching his father is going through, and he is bound to stay passive. But the two directors created an artwork as well. When Rupert has to get through that sex scene his face is very expressive. Ok no more details here. When you see it – you will understand.

When the movie ended there was a frenetic applause, especially when the credits mentioned the main characters. After that there was a rather short Q&A because the next film was going to start, so the audience had to leave. The Q&A can be heard or downloaded from site. The only situation I’d like to mention here is when Rupert in the middle of answering a question halted and asked “What was the question?” – the cinema was full of laughter.

Finally I must say, watching such an intense movie and a few minutes after the movie is finished you see the actors in front of you as pretty normal guys: that’s so weird! Even my girlfriend, who was not so much of a Rupert or Cherrybomb fan, told me next morning she had been dreaming of the movie and the actors all night.

Georg’s photos:

Rupert Grint on the red carpety carpet in front of Cinema Babylon

The fans waiting for the actors to arrive (you can catch a glimpse of the girl in a wheelchair, Julia from Bochum, who got a hug from Rupert)

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