Report: ‘Cherrybomb’ at the Berlinale by Julia

published 15 February 2009
written by Julie

I arrived in Berlin on Saturday and I was already very excited. I didn’t have tickets for the premiere, but I was told by someone that they had gotten a spare ticket for me, which was so exciting. But then I got bad news from her, that it would not work with the spare ticket. I thought my world was breaking down, I was so disappointed. But she told me I should go to the cinema very early, maybe there was a chance to get one.
So at the day of the premiere I went with my friend to the Babylon cinema. There weren’t many people and when we were inside I asked a man if there were still tickets available. He told us that they were sold out, but I should come back one hour before the film would start. They would also check the seats, if there were some empty, they would start to sell tickets! So I had a bit of hope again…

So we got back to the cinema one and a half hour before the screening would start, but you could see that there were sooo many people already waiting outside at the red carpet. My heart sank. I went to one of the security guys and asked if we could get in and he showed me the door that we could use. And when we were inside I knew I wouldn’t get a ticket anymore. Too many people had the same idea and were waiting to buy the last tickets. My friend stayed inside and I went out and got a place in the first row on the red carpet. It was my first time being at a red carpet, so this was all new to me, I was quite excited but at the same time a bit depressed, because I knew I wouldn’t get in.

It took a bit of time until the actors arrived, they were quite late. Before that moment a man who had a painting of Rupert (made by himself) came to us and stood next to me the whole time. He had a great painting of Rupert and wanted to get his autograph on it.

Finally the actors arrived. First, Kimberly got out of a car. Then a second car stopped and Robert came out and after a few people Rupert finally came out. I felt like I was dreaming. I can’t really describe how I felt- you finally see Rupert in person, a guy, you just know from pictures and films and suddenly he was just a few meters away from me. You sort of think he would look different, but of course he didn’t. He was as cool as always. So the actors started to sign autographs and give interviews. Robert was quite funny, because he had a camera in his hand and filmed all of us. Then he started to walk up and down and signed some autographs — I can tell you, this guy is hyperactive! At some point he stood infront of me and there was a moment like a second or something, we had eye contact. He’s got really amazing green eyes, mhhh =)

Well, but all I wanted was Rupert. So I stood there, my Harry Potter book in one hand and my camera in the other hand. I made some videos and a few pictures, but there were so many security guys there and the press that it was hard to get a picture of him. So he came nearer and nearer and I was like, “Oh my god, I want a picture with him!”

He finally was infront of the guy with the painting of Rupert and he asked if he liked it and Rupert was like “oh wow yeah, I really like it.” They had a bit of a small talk and I was ready to get my autograph and photo but… I didn’t get it. When he was done he was standing right before me and the PR just wanted him to go to the other side to give them some autographs. DAMN NOO!! We were all shouting “Rupert!” because we all wanted him to come back. I couldn’t believe it that he stopped at the point where I was standing! I just couldn’t believe it. And then he went in and he was gone… People left very quickly after that…

I was so sad that I called my mum and told her what happend. Then I went to my friend, who was still waiting inside. I knew we wouldn’t get a ticket. There were just to many people standing infront of us. I was so desperate, that I asked people if they had any tickets left they would sell… but no… people who had tickets just grinned in a lucky way and went to the hall.

So we had to wait until they would know how many seats were free in the hall and could start selling again. At first they said there were ten tickets they could sell. People got very excited and started to push very hard. After that they said they would have 15 tickets for us. Then a woman came to us and sort of whispered that they had 37 tickets they would sell, but we shouldn’t tell because the crowd would get too excited. I started to hope again. Maybe there was a chance… but what about all these people… there were so many…

And then they started selling. People pushed so hard that the man came out and said in an angry way that he would stop selling tickets if we didn’t stop pushing. I asked a girl if she could buy tickets for me, because she was very close, but she wanted to buy tickets for her friends already but she told me, I could make it, if I would try. So I tried. I wanted this bloody ticket so bad … and don’t ask me how… but I MADE IT!! YAAAAY!! I actually got to the man and asked for the tickets and I got them! I was so damn lucky, because they had less than 10 tickets left and I got 2 of them. I shouted happily and my friend and I ran into the hall. We didn’t even had to stand (because some people did). We got cool seats in the third row and the film just began.

Again it felt so surreal. I couldn’t believe it. I was at the world premiere of Cherrybomb!

And the film was aaaamaaazing. I loved it! Rupert’s got such great talent, sometimes I was just sitting in my seat, speechless of what I was seeing.

So when the film was over, the actors came though the door and went on stage. We were sitting very close to them, it was amazing. We were actually that close that I had eye contact with Rupert a few times, which had me shaking the whole time! These eyes are so incredible when you see them in real life, trust me! I started to make pictures and videos and they started to talk and after a few minutes they began with the Q&A.

Rupert was as sweet as always, Kimberly was also very lovely and Robert was the cool guy who made the most jokes and made the audience laugh. It was really cool and it was “good fun”. I think they were standing on stage for like 30 minutes. Then they left… or at least they wanted. Two girls in the first row asked Rupert for an autograph.

Suddenly my friend said to me: “Get up and get a photo.” ehm… I was like: “What no, I can’t go there, hello? no!.” She said very serious: “It’s now or never. Do it or regret it.”

And without thinking I stood up and went to the very front where Rupert was… I was quite scared that they wouldn’t let me go because one of the security guys watched me but luckily he didn’t stop me. I have to say that I didn’t think AT ALL when I was on the very front, because I was already standing with one foot on the stage when I realised that there were only securitys, Rupert’s PR and Rupert himself. I was the only fan there. Omg!

I got a bit scared and stopped myself. I thought some of the securitys would say I should go back to my seat, but they didn’t. I looked around and saw Rupert coming directly to me and I asked him if we could make a photo. And he was sooo sweet, he smiled and said: “Yeah, sure we can.” He put his arm around me and I wasn’t able to think again. And I knew he had to leave, because all were looking to me in an annoyed way, but he was so friendly and took his time.

So we took the photo and said “thank you” and he gave me a grin and said “cheers” and left. So this was my very own Rupert-Moment 🙂 when I walked back to my friend (sitting with a big grin in her seat) people were looking at me like “what the hell was that” but smiled I was so pround and happy and gosh… I just can’t describe it. You think you know this person in a strange way (because I’ve been a fan of him for some years now) but when we were standing that close it was like he was a completey unkown person, because you know… you know him, but he doesn’t know you. It’s really weird.

Well but the best (or worst) thing happend after that… I went back to my friend and wanted to see the picture of Rupert and me. “I hope it’s not unsharp.” I said to her and when I saw it I was so shocked that I yelled a bit loud “Oh s***!” … I had forgotten to take the zoom off. Our faces were too close to the camera, so you just see the half of my face and a bit of his face and his hair. Noooo… silly me! … well nevermind… a bit of face and hair is better than nothing, right?

So that was my premiere day in Berlin… when I think about it now it seems so unreal … you know … only a few days ago I was so hopeless, because I thought there was no chance to get in there… and now I even stood there with his arm around me for like 5 seconds or something. when we left I was so happy, I couldn’t stop grinning. I realised that he was very special and that I’m really proud to be a Rupert fan and not a fan of Brad Pitt or whoever… And I was proud of him. His performance in Cherrybomb blew me away. I had tears in my eyes during the film because I couldn’t handle it for a moment that I was so lucky, and that he was so lucky to have the chance to show people the talent he has.

It was a crazy day for me but in the end it was all worth it! I’ll never forget it…

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