Report: ‘Cherrybomb’ at the Berlinale by Kathy&Melina

published 17 February 2009
written by Kathy and Melina

So…what can we say?!

After many endless weeks we spent waiting for the day to come when we’re finally going to meet Rupert Grint at the Berlinale Film Festival we have to say: It was totally worth everything [/the effort ;p]!

It’s incredible how many fans from all over the world came to Berlin only to support Rupert, to catch a glimpse of him and get an autograph or even a hug. And so many of them didn’t even have tickets for the film premiere! Lucky us we got some!

On the red carpet Rob, Kim and Rupert took their time to write autographs for every single fan. I (Kathy) got my autograph of Rupert on my Driving Lessons-DVD and I’m very proud of it ).

Inside the cinema we managed to get seats in the second row and above us on a balcony we could see Rupert’s light red hair peeping out from behind the balustrade. It was a very strange feeling watching the film and knowing that the actors you see on the screen in front of you are just a few meters away, watching, too.

We don’t want to tell you too much about the story of Cherrybomb, but let us say:
The movie is brilliant. It’s not only the talented actors and the great soundtrack… it’s the way everything fits perfectly together. The story is dramatic and catches you from the very first scene. The film doesn’t appear to be very long because the whole time anything exciting happens and sometimes you are afraid of how it all will end. Especially if you think of the picture of Rupert covered all over with blood! The dialogues are intense. They are fighting, flirting, making jokes or they’re just having a good time without thinking about any consequences. At some points you really wish to hang out with those guys and at some other point you are glad not to be in that situation. The end is a big bang which takes your breath away and you just want to say: WOW! [That’s not what I expected.]

After the film the Q&A started right in front of us. The actors seemed to be pleasantly surprised about the fact that they got so much attention and such a great applause. The audience loved the film. They were laughing or really affected while watching the film and applauded for a long time.

We really hope that anyone will get the chance to see the film in the cinema. We wish you the best!
Kathy & Melina

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