Report: ‘Driving Lessons’ at Dublin Film Festival

published February 2006
written by Sarah

So it’s been nearly two days since the Driving Lessons screening, and I’m still completely… I don’t even know, there are no words to describe it. I went with my best friend, Gia, and met up with Joanna and her sister. The evening began when we picked up our tickets from will-call. We then went to wait in line for the movie, where TONS and TONS of people were already lined up. They started to usher in people in groups of fifteen and had us procede to the balcony, which really ticked us off, considering we had gotten there so early, we assumed we’d be sitting downstairs. Then we see these little twelve year old fangirls running down there, and getting seats, again making us VERY mad. So after a few minutes of outweighing the pros and cons of giving up the seats we already had, we made our way downstairs. When we got down, we saw that nearly every seat was full, and we were terrified that we wouldn’t find a one. Finally, we found a few seats closer to the back, which ended up being fantastic because, GUESS who happened to stroll on in and sit two rows behind us? Yes folks, the lovely, extremely talented, beautiful, Rupert Grint. It was awesome. Soon afterward, the movie began.

The movie was absolutely spectacular. Rupert’s role, Ben, was such a different role than that of Ron Weasley. It was a much more adult role, and it was amazing to see him in something like this. I have to agree whole-heartedly with Jeremy Brock when he said that Rupert is greatly talented and unfortunately, highly underused. This film showed a side of Rupert’s acting capabilities that we have never seen before. He made me feel exactly what it was like to be Ben, and feel Ben’s emotions and what he was going through. There are even a few scene’s when Ben is so upset that it looks as though he is going to cry at any moment, which made me want to cry to, and I might have, if it wasn’t for the fact that I caught myself and thought “Sarah… He can SEE you, don’t make him think you’re a nut.” Haha.

Anyway, after the movie ended, Jeremy Brock, Laura Linney and Rupert made their way to the stage to answer questions. It probably would have made sense for Rupert to just stay at the podium, because nearly every question was for him. There were a few for Laura Linney and Jeremy Brock, but mostly for Rupert. One of the questions asked was “How was your first on-screen kiss?” To which Rupert replied with a grin: “Uhm, yeah, it took fifteen takes. The girl was really helpful, yeah. It was good.” His face then turned about thirteen shades of red, finally deciding on a crimson-like color. You could tell that the poor kid was quite nervous, even when questions were being asked to the others, he was pretty shifty, and kept moving his hands alot and touching his face and hair. He kept looking in my direction which made me do the same thing… act shifty. But then I realized he was most likely looking at his parents, probably to help himself relax.

When the Q&A session was over, everyone scrambled to the stage, hoping for a picture, an autograph, or a hug. Rupert was absolutely sweet about the entire thing, taking the time out to sign anything, take a picture with and hug anyone who asked. I was able to snag a pic with him. When I asked for a picture, he grinned, and said “Yeah, sure, cool!” He breathed on my neck. Ahhh! LOL In all seriousness though, He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He seems to care so much for us fans. The entire experience, the movie, meeting Rupert, making new friends, was the most exciting, amazing and wonderful experience of my life. This was a day I will remember and cherish forever.

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