Report: ‘Driving Lessons’ at Tribeca Part 2 by Hope

published May 2006
written by Hope

Obviously, without Rupert there, we heard more from Jeremy Brock than at the Premiere.

Here are a few things that were said:

Audience member (me!) : What was it that made you think that Rupert Grint could handle such a role on his first real foray from the Harry Potter films?
JB: Great question! I’d seen Rupert in the Harry Potter films and he has that quality- naturalness- you’ve all seen it. (Many audience members actually nod) He has to bear witness for so much of the film, and it is so hard to do, and it will betray you if you can’t act. He does it so naturally.

Audience member: What was it like to work with Rupert Grint?
JB: You’re going to think he’s paying me. (Laughs) He’s a joy to work with. He’s quite shy but extremely talented. It was a joy.

Audience member: Since the film was partly autobiographical, how much inspiration did Rupert get from you?
JB: Once I knew that Rupert was going to play the role, he came to my house and we discussed the similarities and differnces between my life and the film. He brought his talent to the role. His walk…the way he does that line, “Thank you for having me–” that’s all down to him.

Audience member: Have your parents seen the film?
JB: (Pauses, shaking his head ruefully) Eh, no. I’ll leave it there.

Jeremy also said that the screenplay was started 6 years ago and went through 28 drafts. He also said that because the film was begun so long ago, the parts were not written for the actors, but they were adjusted a bit once the film was cast. Brock also said that it was not difficult to see things that he had gone through on screen because when you write a story, you remove yourself from it.

An audience member also asked if the film would be released in theaters, and the producer said yes, and that they had sold the rights in Britain and Australia and were here to sell U.S. film distribution rights. She believes the film will be out here later in the year.

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