Report: Hazel Meeting Rupert near London

published 5 January 2009
written by Hazel

Well with my Orchestra, we were on the way back from our tour to Austria and Slovenia… and we stopped at a service station near London, (i forget which one) and on the way back from the toilets we spot him and get all excited and everything!

So me, Cally and Mary go up to him and ask for photos with him we have our cameras with us because of the trip and we just naturally carry them around with us. He let us take the pictures and asked where we were going and everything… 😛

After he’d gone and driven off we’d been standing talking about it then I ran back to the coach to tell the people that didn’t get get off and on my way I tripped over. I was wearing flip flops… So a circular stone hit my foot and I now have a circular scar on my foot!!! And it wouldn’t stop bleeding, so I just put a plaster on it and stuff. But it got infected for ages but it’s fine now.”

~Hazel Anne Fisher~

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