Report: Ice Cream Man Is 5 Years Old!

published 17 July 2009
written by Tao

On July 17th, 2004, I started Ice Cream Man as basically a hole in the internet, so to speak. The domain itself was never registered until December, however the site was a part of my own personal website (which is now defunct). I started Ice Cream Man because I adored Rupert from the very first moment I got into the HP series and the lack of websites dedicated to him was terribly disappointing. Here was a great young talent and barely anyone was taking the time to dedicate themselves to him! And thus Ice Cream Man was born.

When I finally registered a domain name a few short months later, the website began to grow. I had to ask for help due to the immense popularity and the growing love for Rupert! I decided that I definitely needed staffers to help out. So many people began to help. One staffer in particular some of you may remember was Jesi, who actually created Rave Reviews! Which has now grown into such a huge part of the site I don’t think you can separate the two!

Of course many staffers assisted along the way, but then came Jo who has helped grow this site tremendously. She was the first one to tell Rupert about (and his immediate reaction was “I love that name!”) and has since become a valued staff member getting us in contact with not only Warner Bros. (ex-staffer Dar had helped with this too!), but with Rupert’s people — from those closest to him to his management! She has also been such a huge part of building our gallery with some of the most exclusive and unseen photos of Rupert!

Then we have Ivana who has helped continue the growth of by getting us into >Google News and IMDB! She has also kept up Rave Reviews and has gotten us many exclusive videos and scans from the UK. Without her, who knows what we would have in that department?!

Special shoutouts go to Karo: She got all our exclusive interviews with band members on the Cherrybomb soundtrack including the man behind the soundtrack, David Holmes! She is also creating a section on that we hope will be launched very soon! Another special shoutout goes to Michelle, who was the creator and vision behind Grintastic!

And of course to all those who help currently and in the past such as Lynn, AJ, Dove, Val, Sam, Dunigan and our great street team! Without our street team we would be absolutely nothing – you guys help make what it is!


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