Report: Ki on the set of ‘Wild Target’

published 26 September 2008
written by Ki

Thanks so much to our friend Ki for sharing her story with us! We are sure you’re going to love it!

What: Ki and her friend have gone hunting for Rupert Grint & stalking the Wild Target cast and crew. 🙂

When: 25 September 2008

Where: London, West Ealing, The Singapore Road Multistorey Car Park

Ki’s story:

We arrived at the set at about 1pm-ish after we got kind of lost trying to find this particular street.
We walked past the entrance to the carpark where they were filming but there was security all around. NO WAY for any of us to get in. I say “US” because there were 2 or 3 other girls there with their cameras out and looking super fangirly… almost as bad as me. 0_0 ANYWAY.

They were just breaking for lunch and everyone was coming out, that little cute asian chick that was with Rupert in the other set of pics was darting back and forth getting food to the trailers. Then there was this group of guys who happened to walk by right on the sidewalk near the trailers and started asking what was going on. The security pounced on them and calmly escorted them away. They yelled out, “Are you filming some JAMES BOND THING? IS HE HERE?!” Because they just walked past this really awesome looking Bentley parked near by. So yeah, they were basically on their lunch break, we hung around for about half-hour to 45 minutes before the security people started seriously eyeing us. Unlike the other group of fangirls who giggled their way across the street and right up to the trailers trying to get a peak. The security walked them AWAY. My friend and I were LOL before we suddenly got spotted. SH1T! So to avoid the embarrassment of being carted away we decided to leave before it got that far.

You see if this was somewhere a lot more public like Liverpool Street (which is in bloody CENTRAL LONDON) where they filmed those other scenes… I could have gotten so much more pics of RUPERT. This was just a little street cornered off with filming completely confined to inside the multi-story carpark. I assume they’re filming the scene where Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt’s characters are about to be killed but then are saved by Rupert who actually shoots a gun at the bad guy. FIERCE.

These dudes were watching us for awhile. lol It really got my friend nervous and eventually it had us moving out of there.

I tried to sneak around the back of all the trailers but it was all blocked off. As I took the pic, this woman in her car was watching me with a “w.t.f?” expression on her face. LMAO

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