Report: Lanaya at ‘Half-Blood Prince’ Premiere in NYC

published 13 July 2009
written by Lanaya

Lanaya and Rupert NYC Today Show Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Premiere Weekend… July 2009:

I had the honor of going to NYC for all the Harry Potter mania, as my birthday present, I got there later Wednesday and went to Regis and Kelly at 3 am Thursday, I then got onto the show and talked to Rupert during break and told him how I had come from Florida to see him, I then went to Alexa Chung for Dan and then headed over to the premiere, it was packed, the red carpet arrivals started and I was lucky enough to have someone get Rupert to sign my magazine.

Friday we waited by the hotel but no luck. I got my picture taken with Tom Felton that night though, then Saturday rolled along, and we waited at the hotel again all day, we were giving up hope until a miracle happened, the cast was leaving to go to the airport and we were lucky enough to score pics.

I finally met Rupert after all this time, he was so kind and remembered me from Regis and Kelly after I reminded him I was the one who spent $700 to see him and he said “Oh yes I remember, I can’t believe it,” he was in the car but still took pics with us anyways. He was such a sweetheart and when his security guard was telling us okay enough we have to go Rupert said no its fine. I will never ever forgot that day, it was the best day of my life, and I would love to share the pic with you all.

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