Report: Live Coverage from the Cherrybomb Q&As

published 23 August 2010
written by Exclusive: Below are questions staff, press and other fans asked Rupert at an exclusive Q&A session held in London August 23rd 2010 to promote Rupert’s latest film Cherrybomb!

When asked who is his favorite ginger Rupert answers: Conor MacNeill If you aren’t aware Conor is Rupert’s Cherrybomb co-star! His photo here.

Favorite Tim Burton Film: Edward Scissorhands!

Would you dye or shave your head for a film role?: Yes!

If you could do a documentary on anything what would it be? : Ice Cream!

Cherrybomb blood?: The blood in Cherrybomb tasted sugary!

What shampoo do you use?: His favorite shampoo changes often but at the moment it is none other than Herbal Essence!

Nudity in a film?: When asked if he is ready to get naked for a role he replied with a big yes!

On the HP set?: Daniel Radcliffe apparently had issues with Rupert’s pelvis moves in the 7Potters sequence!

What Secret Power would you love to posses?: He would like to have a secret power that allows him to stop and go back in time.

Ideal festival line-up: ArcadeFire, Libertines, Horrors, Clash, Blacklips!

What bad habits do you have?: No habits that bother him!

An item from Harry Potter you wish were real?: The Invisibility Cloak and Flying Car! But says it might be dangerous though!

Recent films he’s watched: Ice Age 3, Precious

When asked who is louder, Robert Sheehan or Daniel Radcliffe?: Rupert says Robbie! Then adds, both talk a lot!

What other Harry Potter character would you love to play?: Voldemort, Bellatrix……

Animals: Rupert’s donkey’s names are Pandora and Shakespeare! He thought about naming one of them Omelette! His pig Oscar died recently. 🙁

Female Co-stars: He says he isn’t too fussy when it comes to the attractive and pretty female co-stars.

Who would he have dinner with?: Mother Theresa, Dizzee Rascal, The Queen, Sid Vicious

Johnny Depp: Rupert would love to follow in the footsteps Johnny Depp.

Top Gear: He’d love to go back and reclaim his title as fastest driver.

On Emma: Admits to getting the giggles when they had to kiss!

Doctor Who: Said he would enjoy appearing on the show because he is a fan of David Tennant.

How do you eat your ice cream?: He eats around the flake on a 99 first, then eats the flake!

Watching the Potter film with Family: Rupert went to the movies with family and watched the first HP film.

Family: He says he is very protective over his sisters and mentions Samantha and her music!

The trio: He says he, Dan and Emma use to have little arguments on set but just like a family would!

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