Report: Michael on the set of ‘Cherrybomb’

published 26 August 08
written by Michael

Rupert Grint was over in Belfast during July and the early part of this month as he was acting in a film called Cherrybomb, which was filmed in the Belfast area. A local leisure centre was being used for a lot of the filming so I went along one night to see if I could meet him and a couple of the other actors, James Nesbitt and Robert Sheehan. One of my mates was there with me and we were told that we probably wouldn’t get to meet him as he was very busy filming.

Even though I’d met James and Robert, I was a bit disappointed and we’d started to leave as the leisure centre was closing in a few minutes when my mate nudged me as Rupert had appeared. I was really pleased to meet him and he was happy to sign an autograph for me. He didn’t dedicate it, though, he just signed “Rupert Grint”. Me and my mate were standing there taking photos of him and he was happy to pose for them, but I think he was a bit embarrassed too.

(Probably because me and my mate were standing there taking photos as if he was a waxwork dummy at Madame Tussaud’s, so it’s not surprising if he was slightly embarrassed!)

I also got a photo taken of the two of us. My mate asked him when the Harry Potter film would be out and he said November, but it’s since been put back until next summer. There wasn’t time to talk properly as he had to get to filming and the leisure centre was closing. I was really pleased though as all the people out of the film crew were saying I’d be lucky to meet him.

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