Report: MOJO Premiere in London

Mojo gave us an amazing weekend in London and even gave us the very first opportunity to gather all our staff members for the same event. We had a great time seeing the play which completely blew our expectations out of the water. You can read our ReviewChat here where we discuss our favourite bits from the play as well as focus on Rupert’s performance.

However, we experienced so much more beside the play itself and this deserves its own little report. We had 5 staffers in London for the play on Saturday (October 26th) and two staffers at the performance on Monday (October 28th) – we arrived and left at different times and therefore had some different experiences.


Malene and Majbritt (from Denmark) arrived on Thursday, and when we decided to check out the theatre on Friday night, we had a surprise in store for us. All the staffers were supposed to meet at the theatre on Saturday morning, and we decided to check out the location so we could find it easily the next day. However, when we arrived we found out pretty quickly that Rupert and the rest of the cast were having their dress rehearsal at that very moment. We decided to wait a bit – and lo and behold, out comes Rupert. We took our chance and asked him about Mojo since we haven’t heard him talk about it a lot yet. We asked if he was nervous about his stage debut the next day and he said “Yeah, I am.” He was then asked if he was ready and with a laugh he replied “I really don’t know.” Rup1_1

Earlier in the day we had enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury’s where we got a lovely doggy bag for the cakes we couldn’t eat – these then turned into a perfect gift for Rupert, since we now had sweets for Sweets (since this was a surprise meeting, we applaud ourselves for thinking on our feet here ;)).
We told him about our staffers travelling a long way to see him and that we had plans to see the play on Saturday as well as Monday. He seemed so grateful for the support and really pleased that fans would travel to see him. After taking some pictures and signing autographs for the few people there he jumped into a waiting car.
You can see some of this random meeting with Rupert in the video below:


The next day was the big Mojo night. All the staffers met up at the theatre (from America, Germany and Denmark), and while we were talking about what to do while waiting for the play, Brendan Coyle, Tom Rhys Harries and Colin Morgan all walked past us – they had to be early at the theatre apparently.
The day went by way too slowly and we almost couldn’t believe it when we were finally sat in our seats in the beautiful Harold Pinter Theatre. We had already decided that we would check out the stage door afterwards and get some pictures of the craziness, but we had no expectation of meeting Rupert again… but, it’s good to know the right people; after Rupert went back inside, we went and met up with Rupert and Sarah (Rupert’s PA) and had a lovely chat. Again, Rupert seemed so grateful that we had come to support him. He seemed utterly relieved when we said that the play was incredibly good and that he was brilliant in it. We’ve never seen him so happy about a compliment and he seemed so relieved that we liked it. Sarah took a group shot of all of us together (check it out below) – Rupert then had to go inside because he was beginning to get noticed again (flashes from cameras attract people! Go figure!), but Sarah took our programs and Mojo-books inside, so he could sign them for us, and handed them out the door to us. Before she disappeared, Malene told her “See you on Monday!”, because Majbritt and Malene were going to that performance as well.


Mojo posterOn Monday, we still had no expectation of meeting up with Rupert again since we had already been so incredibly lucky. But after the play ended (which was just as amazing the second time), we went to the stage door. It was almost a repeat of Saturday – we stood back and observed the craziness, Sarah came out and gave us a wave after which we met up with them again. This time, we decided that we weren’t going to take pictures – it was just an enjoyable chat while Rupert and Sarah had a cigarette before the drive home. We mostly talked about what two Danes had spent their time doing as tourists in London and how the storm had affected us (London was hit by a crazy storm the previous night). But we did ask Rupert if the second performance felt different to the first, and he answered that he was a bit dazed after the first performance and that he had begun to think a bit more about actually being on stage for the second performance. We also asked if he was having fun and he said that he was having “the best time and so much fun.” We then asked if stage work was more fun to do than movies and he replied: “Yeah, it really is.” So it sounds like we might see Rupert back on the stage again soon.
After our little chat he had to get going and they ended the conversation by asking when they’d see us again – unfortunately we couldn’t give them a concrete answer, but we can only hope that it’ll be soon.

We had the best weekend in London and the Mojo experience was definitely one to remember. We want to thank Sarah, Colin, Tom and most of all Rupert for taking the time to talk to us and being such wonderful people!

You can check out all our pictures from our 3 Mojorifique days in London here.


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