Report: Press Conference for Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD Launch

published 8 April 2011
written by Sarah

My first thought when I reached the building for the Blu-Ray first look lunch was excitement and amazement. I had never had the chance to do something like this before and could not believe that I was actually there. When I opened the door I was immediately greeted by a member from Warner Brothers, and led into a large conference room filled with members from other harry potter websites. The first thing I noticed when I entered the room was that the walls were filled with harry potter posters (which won’t be released for a couple of weeks) which increased my excitement. As the event started, we were introduced to the members from Warner Brothers, who announced that they would be showing us clips from the soon to be released Blu-Ray DVD. These were some of the clips that we got to see-:

Umbridge and Voldemort

After talking for a bit longer about the DVD, Laura, another member from Warner Brothers, announced that it was time for us to go to our next location-The Cast Q&A at the Apple Store in Soho. When we reached the location, it was hard for me to contain my excitement. We reached the stairs, flashed our press passes, and went up to find our seats. When we got up, the first thing I saw were rows of seats in the front, where the cast members would sit, followed by a couple of rows for us as well as the fans. On the wall, there was a screen that told us which actors and actresses we would be seeing. Once everyone got seated, the cast came out. As each member from harry potter walked in front of me, I had to constantly remind myself that I was representing and could not start squealing like I so desperately wanted to. Unfortunately, Not many of us got to ask questions, but it was amazing to see the cast up close. We even got a surprise guest- Dumbledore himself! I just kept thinking about the fact that the only time I had ever been this close to the cast was at the premiere in NYC earlier in the year, and that was behind a barricade with other screaming fans! I was also shocked at how down to earth and funny the entire cast was- especially Michael Gambon and Robbie Coltrane and the wonderful David Thewlis.

This has proved to be an incredible experience that I will surely never forget! And I cannot thank Anna and the rest of the crew from enough for letting me partake in such amazing opportunity!

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