Report: at the ‘Harry Potter The Exhibition’ Opening in Sydney

published 30 Dezember 2012
written by Tania

4_TicketIn November 2011, I was lucky enough to see a preview of the Harry Potter Exhibition in my hometown of Sydney in Australia. This is the only stop on the Australian leg of the tour.

Being a freelance staff with, I got a media pass (see left) for the preview. Having taken half day off work, I hurried across town to the Powerhouse Museum, to assemble at the museum foyer with other staff members or lucky fans of other Harry Potter related fansites, even a Robert Pattinson fansite, where we admired the Wealsey’s Ford hanging from the ceiling.

After a long wait, we were firstly ushered into a small room where we had the chance to have a round table discussion with the Phelps twins, who were kind enough to answer many of questions that were thrown their way. The Phelps twins have very happy memories on the set of Harry Potter and have kept in touch with many of their cast mates with Rupert being one such cast mate.

2_MaraudersMapWith much anticipation, we were lead to the entrance where some of us sorted into one of the four Houses by the sorting hat. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any photos inside the exhibition. Upon walking into through the entrance, it was as if I was stepping onto the set of Harry Potter myself. First stop was the dorm room. Every detail from the dorm room was there such as the four-posted beds, the trucks, uniforms. I have to say, the beds were tiny that had not been changed since Rupert and Daniel were kids, same for the uniforms. There was a Daily Prophet in Ron’s truck which was amazingly detailed with articles and pictures.

Next was display of Quidditch uniforms and broomsticks, from Harry’s to Ron’s to Ginny’s to Malfoy’s. These uniforms were exactly as they were in the movies and were exquisitely made. Moving on. Next was the mandrakes, that is the only interactive feature of the exhibition- you are able to pull out a mandrake and hear the high pitched squeal as in the Philosopher’s Stone.

Now, we move to Lord Voldemort and Deatheater section, with their respective costumes, Voldemort’s wand, Wanted posters for Dolohov, Greyback and Bellatrix Lestrange. Incidentally, Sydney is the first city to have all three Deathly Hallows on display.

3_PinsNext was the costumes worn by Harry, Ron and Hermione at Bill and Fleur’s wedding, which also seems smaller than it looked on screen. I guess clothes look different on mannequins than they do on people. Turning right, there was the actual doors that lead to the Great Hall with all the markings. If you look closely at the doors, the message is ‘blah, blah, blah…’ Very funny and witty! Inside the Great Hall section would probably be the best one of the exhibition. Firstly, there were the Yule Ball costumes worn by Harry, Ron, Hermione and Krum, and two tables from the Yule Ball. Then there was a display of plates, cutlery, cups that was used at meal scenes in the Great Hall. Finally, there was the Sword of Gryffindor, used by Neville in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

1_MaraudersMapThe last stop is of course the gift shop. There were a lot of merchandise for our chosen and I can say that we probable spent in the gift shop than the exhibition itself! From wands to T-shirts to chocolate frogs to posters- there is no shortage of choice for all Harry Potter fans.

I was lucky enough to visit another Harry Potter exhibition on the Gold Coast ten years ago, where I got to see Diagon Alley, the Weasley’s Ford. This exhibition is a dream for all Potter fans and was a very good insight into the movie making process that is Harry Potter and the amount of time that went into every prop and costume no matter how big or small. The production team behind the Potter movies should be congratulated for their amazing work. And it shows that amount of thought that went into every aspect of the movies that bough JK Rowlings’ world to life. I think having seen this exhibition after the release of all the movies bought closure to this extraordinary era in books and movies. And also introduces a whole new generation to the world of Harry Potter.
I would like to thank the Powerhouse Museum for their invitation to see this exhibition before it opens to the public and their hospitality. I would also like to thank Annora, from Magic Menagerie for keeping me company at the exhibition. Finally, I would like to thank my fellow staffers for this chance to see something unforgettable.


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