Report: at the ‘Into the White’ World Premiere at Oslo Film Festival

published March 2012
written by Kathy & Karo

OSLO Film Festival: Here we are!

3rd March

After a short flight and a very confusing train- and bus ride, we are finally here. With no idea how amazing the next few days will be…
It is Saturday and we have 24 hours to get everything sorted for the big premiere of Into The White at the Folketeateret. Leaving the hotel, we have our first scream-worthy moment (many, many more will follow) as a tram with a big “Into the White” bill passes us.


We take a first look around town, checking the theater, the location of the aftershow-party and getting our passes for tomorrow. Pictures: Oslo
We send over some scans for our someone-has-to-stay-at-home-and-post-news staff, giving them the latest news, and the beds are already waiting. Everything is ready for the big day.

4th March

The Premiere will take place in the evening, so we have enough time on Sunday to do some last checks and grabbing some food. We will not tell you which fast-food-store we are in, but it seems like we are not the only ones who had this idea, because no one less than Florian Lukas and David Kross are coming in. It is easy to recognize them, considering that they are the only ones like us wearing gloves and woollies. Seems like German people are a little weaker with the low temperature these days 😉 We say hello to each other, Florian (who met us last summer for our interview) introduces us to David, and we already get a feeling that this whole trip was totally worth it.

Only one hour to go, and we are ready to start. We have our spots in the front row and are ready to defend them. The Red Carpet is short, and since the actors are a little late there is not much time, but we are doing our best, taking pics, filming and get a few words from Rupert.
Sitting second row at the cinema we get a good look at everyone during the introduction and doing again our job taking pictures and filming. For a transcript of the introduction, go over here.

Finally seeing the film is amazing, and the response of the audience is great. Standing ovations for several minutes. If you want to know more about our personal opionen take a look at our review.
After the premiere, we are lucky enough to get in at the aftershow party thanks to someone we will not mention by name, but let us simply say, we got in with a simple line: “These two are with me!” So cool!
At the party, we get the chance to speak with Petter Naess and all five actors, and it is amazing to talk with them about the film right after seeing it. Everyone is so happy about how it turned out and the atmosphere is awesome. It is also great to get a direct response to the interviews we have done with the cast and crew over the last year. Seems like we haven’t done such a bad job…
An exciting day comes to an very late end and we couldn’t have asked for more, especially with the presscall coming up the next day.

5th March

The press conference happens to be at the hotel right across from the Folketeateret, and we meet the actors, Petter Naess, the producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen and screenwriter Ole Meldgaard in a cozy salon with a beautiful view over Oslo. The conference is short, but very interesting and relaxed. Everyone seems still a little hung-up [hungover???], after yesterday’s party. You will find the audio of the pressconference here, the transcript here and the pictures here.
Afterwards, we get the chance to take some pictures of the actors and Petter Naess, and a really lovely Rupert agrees for some stunning portrait shots as well; which you will find here.
But that’s not the end! We are also given the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Rupert himself, and when we greet him with “Hey, nice to meet you, how are you?”, he replies with a very honest “I’m great. But I’m just so tired! From last night…”
Tired or not, Rupert is charming as ever during our interview, and even agrees to a Photo Interview! After a far-too-short time, it’s over, but there is still time to hand him our presents (a crash-pilot teddy bear and German survival food for crash pilots: Gummibears!) and to say our goodbyes. For today, anyways.

6th March

After enjoying an evening and a morning in Oslo, we head over to the Colosseum, one of the largest cinemas in Europe. A crowd of fans has already assembled in the cold along the red carpet, and even the Norwegian fans start to freeze while we are waiting for Rupert and Stig Henrik Hoff to arrive.
ColosseumRCThey do, and Rupert once again does his best to fulfill the fans wishes for autographs, hugs, pictures, more hugs, and another “Hello! *hug* This is crazy!” “Yes, it is, but it’s really cool!” between Rupert and us.
Once we have made it into the cinema, a short introduction with Rupert and Stig Henrik takes place, at the end of which two fans are given a signed poster and a hug from Rupert. Both the girl and the boy seemed really happy about this!
It is great to see the film surrounded by fans this time – quite a difference to the World Premiere screening! The reactions are just as great, but there is far more squeeing going on – is it a good thing that Rupert has already disappeared?

With the videos from the premiere and the Colosseum in our luggage, we head back to the hotel, and, after a morning enjoying a huge snowfall in Oslo, return home after our plane has finally made it through the un-freezing-shower. With a three-hour delay, but at least we did not crash down somewhere over the Norwegian wilderness…

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