Report: at ‘Cherrybomb’ Premiere at the Berlinale Part 1

published 15 February 2009
written by Karo

Well, here it is. The report about what happened at Berlin – ASIDE from the film Cherrybomb itself.

Too bad, you’re missing the boat!

My report is long, but it was a very long weekend. It was amazing when I came back and went through everyone’s posts that came up while we were there, and I absolutely adored your reactions to our live ticker! I don’t want to talk about the film here so as not to give anything away (and what I do give away is just very little), but I’m still amazed that most of the communication between us staffers (and the Live Ticker) were done via text messages, because the text messages are soooo important in the film! I still can’t believe how spot on we were with that idea! 😀
Anyway, I already know what happened on, so here’s what happened to me:

Saturday, 7 February 2009


My alarm goes off. This means there’s only 36 hours left until the Cherrybomb World Premiere.
Quick shower, packing the last things into my bags and praying I haven’t forgotten anything important, my mum and me drive off. To the next supermarket, where I ordered some High-Quality-Photo versions of Helen Sloan’s amazing Cherrybomb stills, to try and get autographs on those. Got some money from the bank, then proceeded to the train station.

10.01 AM CET (4.01 AM)

Texted Ivana that I’m on the train to Berlin. I really am. And the woman next to me is reading an article about the Berlin Film Festival. I don’t even try to suppress my smile, because, YES, I’m going to Berlin, I’m going to see Cherrybomb, AND I’m going to see Rupert!
The ride is about 1 ½ hours, so I’m finally able to not do anything but think. No internet. No worries about any soundtrack interviews, about last minute panic attacks from those going to Berlin (“I’m sending you all the logins for the pic sites, make sure to check them all the time and DON’T MISS ANYTHING!!!”), no worries about my patients at the hospital or about my dissertation. Right now, it’s all about Cherrybomb, so I can lay back and listen to my iPod.

11.30 AM CET (5.30 AM)

Just arrived to Berlin and got a text message from Jo that they are on the taxi to their hotel. Problem. Jo’s text was sent at 5 AM. 5 AM German time, or 5 AM US time?! Damn. Have they been here for hours, or did they just arrive? Jo’s email from a few days ago doesn’t help. It said that they arrive on “Saturday morning”. I text back: “Where shall we meet?”
I leave for my friends place, where I’ll be staying for these few days. Few more texts from Jo arrive: “Where are you?” “We need to meet that press person before 12 o’clock” Press person?! I wonder. I drop off my things at my friends’, get a key for their flat and rush off to the main Berlinale location. On the way I call Jo, but only get half of what she says as I’m in the tube and some meters below Berlin. “I’m on my way to the Potsdamer Platz” I say. Phone call ends. Text from Jo: “It’s okay, we have time till 6 PM to go there.” Thank god!

12.30 PM (6.30 AM)

I’m at the location of the Berlin Film Festival, which is a huge area with many places. And I have to find two people who I only know from the pictures on our site. And there are MANY people here. I call Jo. “What are you wearing?” she asks. “Black jacket” I reply, and realise that almost EVERYONE around me wears a black jacket. Well, it’s icy today. Jo says they’re at the theatre, so I go over there and, yes, there they are! And I can tell them that this is the theatre where we get to see Cherrybomb on Monday. 🙂
In one of the buildings, we find a Berlinale magazine. Of course we check it for Cherrybomb, and yes, there is an article, with picture.

My two Americans must be jetlagged, though, as Jo has been up for 24 hours. But they say it’s okay, so we leave for…

1 PM (7 AM)

… the Generation Group Tickets counter! Thank goodness we tried everything to get tickets! I have no idea how many emails we sent to each other, but we had everything planned to get them. It was a great plan. But even great plans can fail.
However, I had found this tiny little information that group tickets (5 or more) could be ordered ahead of time, so after finally getting through at the hotline, I had ordered 5 tickets, even though we didn’t even know how many of us would be going. And now we were to pick them up. I said my name, and then the lady pulled out those tickets, which are almost exactly the same colour as our site. That cannot be a coincidence.
Anyway, Jo and AJ are even way more happy than me, because they have never even heard of the possibility to pre-order tickets without actually paying ahead of time, but only when you pick them up (which is very common here in Germany). Jo was so panicky after not getting online tickets that she emailed the Generation staff, who called me on my mobile just to tell me that, “yes, of course these tickets are yours, as you have ordered them.”
I tell them that I emailed a guy called Georg from our friends at, and that I offered him the additional tickets, and that he’s happy to see the film.
Jo tells me that while we travelled to Berlin, the other staffers have been busy organising things for us so that we do get our interview. What would we do without those girls?! And thank God for modern technology that we get informed about that by our international text messages
We go back into a mall that’s on the Berlinale site to buy an adapter for Jo and AJ. When passing a cassette recorder, we start talking about our electronic devices for the events. “Do we have a dictaphone as well? Just in case we’re not allowed to film…” Of course not. Ah well, if they tell us we’re not allowed to film, we can always come back and buy one.

1.15 PM (7.15 AM)

Back outside, the tickets are safe in the depths of my Cherrybomb-bag, We decide to go to the “House of 100 beers”, as Jo wants to try German beer. We order our food and spend some time talking about Rupert,, Rupert, Cherrybomb, Rupert, Germany, Rupert, Harry Potter, Rupert and what we’re going to do in the next two days. Our food has arrived, and while Jo enjoys her beer and AJ her whatever-they-mixed-together-drink, I finally get to know those girl a bit more than I ever did online.

5 PM (11 AM)

We set of for the press office. Take a wrong turn, go back, and find it. And not just it.
There’s this huge, nice and most of all REAL Cherrybomb poster in one of their windows. And it has the Berlinale sign on it.
We want to squee, but as the press people might see us, we stay in a professional mode and go inside. Jo gets the time and place for her interview with the directors and Kim and Rupert. “Do you have a dictaphone?” Claire asks. “Yes, sure” Jo replies. We exchange glances and keep quiet. We need to go back to that shop.
We go outside and finally let out the laughter we were trying to hold in, and take our picture of the poster. We text Ivana we got everything.

6.30 PM (12.30 PM)

We rush back to the store to buy the dictaphone, with me trying to talk about electronic devices (which never work when I use them anyway) with the salesman in German, and translating and discussing with AJ and Jo in English. We decide which one we want and buy it. For And we need to send it to Ivana once Berlin is over for her Dublin coverage. We’re becoming really professional… 😉

7 PM (1 PM)

While AJ and Jo go back to their hotel to finally check in and freshen up, I return to my friends place to get my laptop, camcorder and most importantly the 15 pages of printed questions from the questions threads in the forums. I hurry back to the girls’ hotel, texting Georg: “Meet me at the Alex at 8 PM under the world clock so I can give you the tickets” .

8.15 PM (2.15 PM)

We go to the Alex, which is short for “Alexanderplatz”, a big open place with shops and a world-time-clock. There are lots of people under said clock, but we find the right one: Georg. I finally tell him that we’re from (which I didn’t do before so as not to scare him), and he’s so happy to get tickets that he offers us to get some coffee with him. We join him, as Jo is in desperate need of caffeine after being up for so long, and instead of finally sorting out our questions, we chat with Georg about Rupert and Cherrybomb. When he leaves, we finally start working on the questions for the Q&A

Sunday 3 AM (Saturday 9 PM)

We got our questions together, and I’m on the tube to my friends to get at least some sleep. As the hotel has internet, we can leave some messages in the comments and forum, but tomorrow we’ll be doing the Live Ticker. At “home”, everyone’s asleep, so I pack my bag quietly, just so that I don’t need to worry about forgetting anything tomorrow.
As I have been sleeping no more than 4 hours for the past 2 ½ weeks (because my private life, and work got too busy), I’m asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. No weird dreams. I’m off to Rupertland…

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