Report: at ‘Cherrybomb’ Premiere at the Berlinale Part 2

published 15 February 2009
written by Karo

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8 February 2009

8.00 AM CET (Sunday 1.30 AM EST)

My alarm goes off. Once I realise what this means, that I’ll be seeing Cherrybomb in only a few hours AND get to be on the red carpet and do the Q&A with Rupert, I’m fully awake, despite having gone to bed only 4 hours ago.
I take a minute to sit down and let everything sink in. This is it. I pick up my mobile and type a text message to Ivana:
Let the Live Ticker begin! Good morning! I just got up after 4 hours of sleep. The weather is cloudy but dry. And cold. Only 6 1/2 hours till the Cherrybomb explodes!
A quick shower, putting on my Cherrybomb shirt, checking I have everything in my bag, and I leave quietly, as my friends are still asleep.

9 AM (3 AM)

Text to Ivana: Just left my friend’s place to pick up Jo and AJ. Got Rupert’s present, got the cameras, got more excited! 5 hours and 14 minutes left!
When I arrive at the hotel, Jo and AJ are in the middle of getting ready. I flick through their Berlinale magazine and cannot believe how close we are to actually seeing the film. Once the girls are pretty enough 😉 we leave.

10.36 AM (4.36 AM)

We’re there, about 2 minutes from the hotel. There’s the red carpety carpet, and we can take pictures on it. The film screened before Cherrybomb begins at 11 AM. Although the lobby of the theatre is packed, there is no security, no fans, no reporters or paparazzi. Only us, and a few stray people.
Jo sends Ivana pictures via her mobile for the Live Ticker. We get inside, because it’s cold and there’s noone outside yet anyway. We get a cappuccino as we’re all tired and start to work: Jo writes the questions into a notebook, AJ tries to figure out our new dictaphone, and I write a letter for Rupert, wishing him good luck and explaining the t-shirt we got for him.

12.30 PM (6.30 AM)

The buzz starts about two hours later. Photographers arrive, and on a monitor, we can see that the film before Cherrybomb is over. We start to get nervous, when the people inside the theatre become active. The crowd outside grows, so we leave the theatre to get good places along the red carpety carpet.

1 PM (7 AM)

Some people arrive and take off the red carpet, only to replace it with a new one. German dialogue between two of them:
“Weren’t you supposed to change the carpet tomorrow?!”
“Yes, but he’s coming, so we were told to change it now.”
More and more fans arrive, as do the media people. The security guys make their rounds, and a police car goes back and forth on the street. Where is he?! Well, more text messages to Ivana for the Live Ticker, and more time for us to make plans:
AJ is to ask for the autographs on our high-quality photos. Both Jo and AJ take pictures. I will be filming and make sure he gets the t-shirt. AJ keeps losing her earring, and at one point it seems lost. We find it again after a long search: It’s in the bag we will give to Rupert, the one with the shirt and the letter. Wonder what he would have thought about that huge golden earring…

1.30 PM (7.30 AM)

The media people make their rounds. We are interviewed, and as Jo and AJ came all the way from the US, the reporters seem impressed. Text message to Ivana: Tell someone to record that!
The press people see our high quality pics and start filming them, impressed at us. A voice says: “I took those.” We look up. Helen Sloan. No way! And Conor MacNeill. Helen tells us who everyone is. We want to talk to them a bit more, but can’t give up our front-row spots on the red carpet. They go inside, we get back to waiting.
Georg arrives, and we decide that his girlfriend saves the seats inside for us, while we wait. The three of us remain at our spot at the end of the red carpet, while Georg will take pictures and film from further away.
More text messages to Ivana.

2 PM (8 AM)

The doors to the screening room open. Part of the crowd goes inside, but we pray that Sabine saved good seats for us and remain where we are. Last checks: Photos for autographs and pens prepared? Camera at the ready? Present for Rupert in hand with no earring in it?
A woman and a guy walk along the red carpet. Giving out info papers with pictures and saying, “we know everyone’s here for Rupert, but these are also great actors: Kimberley Nixon and Robert Sheehan, and these are the directors”. Well, the three of us are here for Cherrybomb, AND for Rupert. We’ll make sure to greet them.
We wonder what goes on at, and what everyone thinks about our text messages.

2.05 PM (8.05 AM)

A black van arrives. This is it. No way to send any text messages now. Everyone will understand that. We’re working on some more exciting stuff.
We see blonde hair. Kim?! Yes, it’s her. The rest is covered by people on the red carpet. A dark, curly-haired head. Must be Robert. It is, and he actually starts filming himself. A pretty brunette in a bright green dress, and a guy next to her: Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn. And then it happens.
Karo: “There he is.”
Jo: “Who? Where?”
Karo: “Over there. The red hair”, cause that’s all I see of him.
We get more glimpses of Rupert, while he and his co-stars are busy giving autographs, posing for the press, giving interviews. Most of the time, they are with the fans. Rupert gets interviewed by the same people who had interviewed us before.
We can’t help but fall in love with Robbie, who goes back and forth over the red carpet, making all the security people step aside to let him pass, filming again, going here and there and never standing still.
Kim is gorgeous! She looks pretty in all those pictures, but she’s even more beautiful in person, and really nice. She even made sure to get the correct fan name on the autographs. Can’t wait to see her in the film.
At some point, Nigel Grint rushes into the theatre. We say “Hi Nigel”, and he smiles, gives a wave, and is inside.
Glenn and Lisa stay on the red carpet and let the trio do their work, but appear a bit surprised that there are so many fans. Well, considering the amount of people along the red carpet for the film before…
Robbie and Kim are with us, and I turn my camera back to find Rupert again, who steps right into the frame. I look up, and he’s only about one arm length to my left. The crowd presses in from behind. I hear AJ “Karo, you’re arm’s in my way”. Well, I can’t film otherwise. Rupert goes over to the other side of the carpet. Damn. I call this PR lady with him, but there’s too much screaming to hear her reply. Well, time to film his backside.
He eventually comes to us again, and signs, and agrees to do the message for What follows is too amazing to describe, and made it hard to hold the camera up because he cracked up laughing. Matthew Lewis was right all along: if this isn’t an infectious laugh, I don’t know what is.
He gives the message to fans, we get our hugs, and at the last minute I remember the present. He says thanks, and he’s taken inside.

2.25 PM (8.25 AM)

We finally made it inside and got our front row seats. We’re all a bit hyper, but elated. AJ got the autographs, we got pictures, a video, the message. And all of us got a hug. Jo texts Ivana, and I send another text message to her as well, realising three days later that I wrote utter rubbish. He owns a nice pair of shoes (or rather boots), but the present from was a shirt, not those shoes. Well, at least I have a good reason to be so confused…
I turn around and see the Cherrybomb crew in the balcony. Camera out. Check with Jo if I shall record that. And film again.
Unaware that there were pictures of him leaving the hotel, I text Ivana again once I’m done with filming the balcony, about what he’s wearing.

2.50 PM (8.50 AM)

There’s a greeting, and the lights go off. Another text message to Ivana to let everyone know that the Cherrybomb explodes. And the film begins…

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When the first text message in the film is sent, I’m gobsmacked. It can’t be true that we’re doing all this Live Ticker stuff with texts, and here we get to see the text messages between the teens come up on screen. I can’t wait until everyone has seen that! We were sooo spot on doing that!
During the film, Jo gets out her mobile twice to send out text messages for the Live Ticker. I’m too busy watching the film to think about that. Can’t miss one second.
The audience’s reactions are great. At one point, when a funny dialogue comes up between Michelle and Crilly, a loud, female laugh is heard. Sounds like Kim Nixon in that radio interview. I can’t help but giggle as well. Talking about infectious laughters…
AJ and me sit on either side of Jo, and in three scenes we simply looked at each other with big eyes, very surprised at what was going on on screen. Has Rupert been reading and tries to fulfill everyone’s wishes with this film?!?!?!?
The credits come up. We’re blown away. We had high expectations of the film, but this was simply so much more than what we expected.
The Q&A begins, and once again, we’re in the top spot with our front-row seats. The only problem is that AJ’s arm holding the dictaphone always gets in front of Robbie Sheehan. Eventually, the five are taken out of the theatre, and we have to use a different exit.

4.56 PM (10.56 AM)

Once the Q&A is over, Jo texts Ivana again. I wait until we’re outside to text her. We stay at the theatre for a few more minutes, hoping to see Rupert again. We don’t, so we decide to return to the hotel and go online to talk to everyone about the film.

5.33 PM (11.33 AM)

Another text message to Ivana, which feels so weird after all the texts in the film, letting her know we’re coming online.
Jo and AJ rush off to the restroom, while I wander around the lobby and eventually go outside to get some fresh air.
I stop dead. Conor. Little cute Conor MacNeill. And Helen. And the rest of the Cherrybomb team save the trio and the directors. All of them on the red carpet, taking group pictures. We need one. I run over, ask if I can take a picture for (“Yeah, sure!”), do so. I ask for autographs on one of the HQ pics. Once again, “Yeah, sure!”

Another problem arises. Jo still has my pen. I ask if they can wait only one minute for me to get the pen (another “Yeah, sure”), and I hurry inside to find Jo. There she is, and I take her and AJ outside. We get the autographs, and some pictures. Conor loves my shirt, and I fall in love with Conor. 😉
At some point, AJ says: “Is that Sarah?” Yes. AJ rushes over, and Sarah, whom we know from behind-the-scenes-of-Cherrybomb pictures, is thoroughly surprised to be recognised. We ask for a pic, she agrees, and we go back to the red carpety carpet.
Helen Sloan herself takes the picture of us with Sarah, making the comment “I’m used to bigger cameras!” when she takes them with ours. She also asks us to send in the photos. This is soooo surreal…
They leave eventually, and we hurry back to the hotel to go online. The ten minutes we mentioned in our text message about coming online had turned into 50 minutes because of the Cherrybomb guys, but we agree it was worth it.

6.20 PM (12.20 PM)

We’re online. And shocked. So many updates?! Pictures?! Videos?! THAT many comments?! The forum is bursting, and we haven’t even written anything.
The Cherrybomb made a huge impact. We open the new thread, and what happens next is crazy. We try to read and write at the same time, keep missing questions, take ages to reply because we have to discuss what we post.
The number of people in the forums rises, and when we get the note Site cannot be reached, we fear that the server broke. A few minutes later the site is back. Then it’s gone again. Brilliant. If Rupert knew this. If Lisa and Glenn did. We decide to tell them tomorrow.

11 PM (5 PM)

We eventually take a break to eat (breakfast for us…) and to calm down. When we get back, the site is still busy, and we’re still overwhelmed.
Almost three hours later, I decide to go home. I go to the tube station. Missed the last tube by ten minutes. I go back outside and take a taxi.
Shortly before we arrive, the taxi driver asks me if I’m in town for the Berlin Film Festival. I tell him that I am, and that I’ve seen a great film today. He wants to know which one. I reply: Cherrybomb. He says: “So you met Rupert Grint?” I reply yes. He says “Good night then”. I thank him and get out. Unable to keep the smile from taking over my whole face.
What a day…

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