Report: at ‘Cherrybomb’ Premiere at the Berlinale Part 3

published 15 February 2009
written by Karo

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Monday, 9 February 2009


My alarm again. I remember the day before and want to stay in bed. But I get up as I know I get to see Cherrybomb again, and get ready for the day. I also put the videos and pics on my laptop. I’ll kill myself if they get lost!
I text Jo that I’m on my way to their hotel, and can’t help but remember the text messages in the film. I check if there’s no ray of light coming out of my mobile. There isn’t. Too bad.
I get to AJ and Jo’s hotel. When they open the door, I see that they overslept. Jetlag apparently got them, as it’s only 4.30 AM EST. The two get ready, and we eventually leave for breakfast.

11 AM (5 AM)

We have breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts and go over the questions again. Trying to find the best one. Which are interesting? Which won’t be asked by others.
Ivana texts if we keep the Live Ticker today. No. Back to the questions.

2 PM (8 AM)

We’re done with the questions and leave for the site of the Berlin Film Festival.
At the tube station, there’s a graffiti. Coincidence that Malachy aka “Basquiat” is the “Graffiti king” in Cherrybomb?! No way. We take a picture, then we take a tube, and we’re there.
We go to the Berlinale Film Palast (the huge theatre), where the interview will take place. I give Jo the camera in case she’s allowed to film. She leaves us.
AJ and me decide to go to the mall to go online, but right before we arrive the computers, Jo calls “Come back! Interview was pushed back” . We hurry back, get Jo and get a coffee at Starbucks to re-plan.
Seeing as the interview has been pushed to the time when the second screening begins, Jo won’t be able to watch Cherrybomb again.
Time passes, while we’re texting back and forth with Ivana. I keep seeing rays of light coming out of my mobile. This film has had a very bad influence on me…

4 PM (10 AM)

We go to the theatre, but the doors to the screening room are still closed. Jo leaves for the Film Palast again for the interview, while AJ and me wait for my two friends two arrive.
It’s weird. I’ve been staying at their place for the past two days, but have only seen them for about an hour, as I was always gone and returned and left while they were asleep. They arrive, and we can enter the screening room. It’s much bigger than the one yesterday.
I talk to the lady in charge of the room to tell her that Jo is doing an interview, and if she PLEEEEEASE could let her in once she comes. Yes, no problem. Text to Jo.
The lady in charge tells the audience that there will be no Q&A, but we already figured that because of the interviews that were pushed back. Good thing we got our Jo out there.
The light goes off, and I make sure to catch as many details as possible for our RG.users.
Re-watching is brilliant. This is one of those films where you will always notice something new, like the fact that Michelle wears a shirt at one point that looks like the universe posters in Ben’s room in Driving Lessons.

6.04 PM (12.04 PM)

Film’s over. I won’t see it again for ages!
Text from Jo: “OMG!” Great. What is that supposed to mean?
AJ and I say bye to my friends, and hurry off to find Jo at the computers. Jo’s online talking about her interview. What follows are discussions about certain rumours that were spread, and we eventually decide to “Keep Calm and Carry On”. We have too many things to share to focus on that.

9.45 PM (3.45 PM)

We return to the Alex, have dinner, talk, discuss, and have fun listening to the audio of Jo’s interview. Once we finished eating, we return to the hotel and start what we’ve been planning. Our review of the red carpet and the film. This turns out harder than we expected, but we eventually get it done, and I say my final goodbyes to Jo and AJ at 1.45 AM (7.45 PM) .
I go to the tube station and once again had missed the last one. Well, spent all my luck on Cherrybomb, so I get the next taxi.
Of course my friends are asleep already when I get there. I pack my things for the next day, secure the audios of the interview and our review on my laptop.
Before switching of the lights, I can’t help but watch and listen to all our audios and videos again. 🙂 Our friends will be soooo happy…

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


My alarm again. To get my train, I get ready quickly and leave my friends’ place. I really didn’t get to see much of them.
I arrive at the station at 10 AM, get some breakfast and a huge hot chocolate and leave Berlin at 10.30 AM on the train. While texting Ivana that I’m going to be online about 5 hours later, I can’t help but smile that I will never ever be able to send text messages again without thinking of Cherrybomb.

2.44 PM (8.44 AM)

I’m back home. With autographs, pictures over pictures, videos, audios, a new film in my mind, lots of questions to send to Ivana for Dublin, stories to share, amazing memories, and with the knowledge of a huuuuge amount of news, comments and forum posts I had to read.

I expected this weekend to be exciting. I expected that we’d be able to get some good stuff for the fans. I expected to see a great film, and I even expected to see Rupert up close.
However, this was just so much more. If I had known that before we left, I guess we might have put up a message that appears in the film. It is one of the text messages the trio send to their friends as they invite them to a party:

Fuck boredom, jump overboard with us!

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