Report: at ‘Wild Target’ Premiere at Luxembourg British and Irish Film Festival

published 8 May 2010
written by Karo

In early April, Rupert Grint’s film Wild Target premiered at the Beaune International Crime Film Festival. Last week, on 2 and 6 May, the film was screened at the British & Irish Film Season – Screenings from the Islands at the Ciné Utopia theatre in Luxembourg.
Our staffer Anna and Karo, who had already seen the film at Beaune, were present, as well as Laura, who was in for a big surprise.

Wild_Target_Luxembourg_PosterCloseUp2We arrived at the cinema and immediately spotted the Festival’s poster – but not only that: The poster also featured a small poster for Wild Target – which had not been published until that day! However, it was a graphic that Laura herself had designed from on-set pictures, and which she had allowed us to upload and use for the site whenever we promoted Wild Target.
The official poster was published a month later, and we never received a reply of how Laura’s poster had appeared on the Festival’s poster.

While the screening on the 2nd May was not sold out, the audience seemed to enjoy the film, laughing in all the right places.
We split up shortly after the film was over because we had to travel back home, but we did have a great time.
You can view our Pictures from Luxembourg here.

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