Report: at ‘Wild Target’ Premiere at the Festival du Film Policier in Beaune

published 13 April 2010
written by Karo

On 7 April 2010, we announced that Rupert’s film Wild Target would be screened for the general audience for the first time at the Festival International du Film Policier in Beaune, France; also being up for a price in the Competition section.

After a night of planning, I headed South on Friday, 8 April, to meet up with our staffer Anna in Switzerland, about two hours away from Beaune. The next day, we hit the road with Tomtom guiding us. However, after about fifteen minutes, our guide lots its voice, and we had to follow only the instructions on the tiny screen, we had a ride just as bumpy and chaotic as the one in Wild Target when the lead characters flee from the car park. We arrived at Beaune with a slight delay due to several wrong turns and a traffic jam (“Tomtom recognises traffic jams, so we should not get into one”…).

The film was screened in English with French subtitles, and was well-received. Particularly a scene in which Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) reveals that he prefers “wine from Burgundy” – because Beaune is a small town right in the Bourgogne!
A lot of Rupert fans were in the crowd, but also others who did not recognise him from the Harry Potter films.
We were told that all the screenings for Wild Target had been sold out, but sadly, Wild Target did not win the prize in the Competition section.

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