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published 26 May 2009
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On 26 February 2009, it was revealed that Rupert Grint would feature in the next issue of BLAG magazine with an exclusive photo shoot and interview.

BLAGSarah J. Edwards said about their reasons for choosing Rupert:

“For the first Bi-Annual, we wanted to present today’s most exciting and skilled talents in a classic way. It was a real honour to shoot Rupert in his first styled shoot at this stage in his career. It’s the icing on the cake for us.”

“Vol.3 Nø 1 is very much inspired by iconic Hollywood with a British swagger and touch of rebellion. Rupert, in this new light is the perfect headliner.”

added her sister, Sally A. Edwards.

For fans who were unable to buy the magazine themselves, we offered our help.

Excited about Rupert Grint’s first styled cover-shoot, we decided to show our appreciation by a special project on behalf of Rupert’s birthday, “BLAG Around the World“, asking fans worldwide to take a picture of the BLAG edition with Rupert on the cover at a local spot.

normal_Kopie_von_IMGP1924Our present, a book with the fans’ images, was sent to Rupert, and he mentioned it a year later in our Birthday Interview:

“I did a cover shoot for BLAG Magazine and my fans sent me a book filled with pictures of them taken with the magazine from all over the world. It was very cool… some were walking the wall of China; others in New York and even someone crossing a bridge over a river with a 100ft drop: all the while with my issue of BLAG.”

In 2012, BLAG celebrated their 20th anniversary with a special edition, once again featuring a small Q&A with Rupert, in which he once again talked about our project.

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