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published 1 May 2009
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In early 2009, Cherrybomb was screened at three international film festivals with all screenings sold out. Despite this response, this independent film struggled to find distributors. To change this, began to work with The Little Film Company (Cherrybomb‘s Sales Agency), and, on 1 May 2009, launched the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign with the goal to gather as many signatures as possible to prove the fans’ enthusiasm for Cherrybomb, and to increase the chances of finding distributors.


Based on the largest numbers of views on the Cherrybomb Trailer, six seperate petitions targeting the UK, the US, Germany, Franca, Italy and Brazil were launched alongside the campaign details and tips, and fans spread the word to their friends, on social sites, communities.

We published a petition page (now offline) with weekly challenges, gathering fans to email cinematic news outlets to spread the word about Cherrybomb and our campaign, emailing various news outlets over the course of an entire year. Articles were released on the New York Post, the Daily Mail, the Independent and Teen Hollywood.

Having heard about our campaign, Rupert Grint said

“I am backing this campaign wholeheartedly,” he said. “I’m delighted by the huge support the film has already received on the official Facebook page and other sites on the web and am so grateful to my fans in particular, who have travelled the world to support the film at festivals and preview screenings.”

After a year of petitioning and over 15.000 signatures, we wrapped up our project with a video of fans worldwide asking for Cherrybomb to be screened in their countries:

Rupert Grint: Cherrybomb International Video Campaign von RupertGrintMedia

By this time, several distributional deals had been sealed, for countries as UK and Ireland, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Middle East.

Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan discussed the petition during the promotion for the UK release of Cherrybomb

and Rupert himself sent a Thank you out to his fans worldwide:

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