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published 5 April 2009
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We were able to visit the houses of Malachy, Michelle and Luke, the chip shop where Luke and his father Smiley shared an emotionally charged scene, the Rotterdam Bar which served as the location for the LifeBoat and the Leisureplex where Malachy and Crilly (Michelle’s dad) worked. The interesting thing about exploring the various location was that they were reflective of the backgrounds of the different characters. Our first stop on the tour was Malachy’s house. Malachy’s house sat on a seemingly quiet street in a middle class neighborhood. It wasn’t five minutes until a nice older gentleman who actually lived next door came out to meet us. He immediately shared his experience and what it was like to have film crew around each day. Of course you won’t be surprised that he had nothing but great things to say about Rupert. In fact, he was gushing on about him the way we do. A line he used was something to the effect of, “He’s absolute magic without a wand.” We all let out a string of “Ahhhhhhs!”

He said that one of the days while they were shooting Rupert was walking out of the house, and his daughter and her friends came out and said, “Rupert, when you have your break would you like to have lunch with us?” Rupert said “Yeah, if I get the chance!” Most of you know that he worked long days doing several scenes in day, so he didn’t even have time to eat and mainly had to live off of a candy bar and a coke! (The first week was most grueling though. He wasn’t used to the fast pace and we were told that on one of the first days he was so exhausted — but when they offered him a break, he said “no, let’s keep going!”)

The gentleman told us there had to be at least 60 fans surrounding them just waiting on Rupert and he went over to them and signed every last autograph. He said he couldn’t believe it. This is coming from somebody who didn’t know Rupert like us, so you can imagine how impressed he was, because Rupert really didn’t have to do every autograph! Then we heard this sweet comment that Rupert’s good spirit was a credit to his family as well as his PA who keeps him on his toes!

The second location of course was the Leisureplex where a lot of the movie was filmed. You’ll discover in our gallery many photos of the different scenes with Malachy that include clips you’ve seen on TV at the wall with Kimberley Nixon‘s character Michelle. We were also told that one of the portrait shots that will be released soon was taken outside: it’s a portrait of Malachy and it is supposed to be a very emotional capture of his face. We toured the rest of the area and just found out other tidbits about how Rupert wanted to drive the car and do some stunts, but with the time crunch it was easier to have him inside the studio with a backdrop pretending he was driving. And having seen the movie myself, I could not tell the difference. It was made to be very believable.

When we arrived at the house where they filmed the love scene, we were all a bit giddy especially having seen the movie it brought back fond memories for us. 🙂 We were first told that they had to proof some of the window to keep the paparazzi from getting any shots! Unfortunate, isn’t it? Just kidding!!!! We also learned that Kim Nixon was a bit more uncomfortable with the process (and she has already mentioned this in interviews), but at one point Rupert said “Let’s just do this,” and the directors said, “Go for it.” From there, we were told they got into it and delivered some amazing footage. I see why Rupert said it was memorable. It took a lot of trust and courage between those two to pull it off and they really did it flawlessly. It was really sweet.


We met the girls responsible for Malachy’s look and style! They said he had a great look going, but they wanted something really different for this character so when the idea came up to dye Rupert’s eyebrows and eyelashes, Rupert was completely fine with it and went with the idea!
The interesting thing was the Quiff. At first, even the stylist wasn’t too sure about it until she’d seen him step out into character and become Malachy. She knew right away she had made the right choice because it was completely Malachy!

Another interesting fact was that Rupert also had a pair of “stunt” shoes. Part of Malachy’s wardrobe consists of these very expensive, black and white checked creeper-type shoes. But when it came time to film certain scenes around the pool area where Malachy gets thrown into the pool, they didn’t want to ruin his good shoes, so they got a similar, cheaper pair of black shoes, painted the checkerboard pattern on them, and had him wear that for those scenes. As for props used in the film, the necklace Michelle has on is actually one from a crew member who received it after graduation and never takes it off. She allowed Kim’s character to use! So it’s a very special piece in the film.

Other Locations

We did visit many more locations but another highlight for us was the infamous Rotterdam night club which is called “The Life Boat” in the movie and more trivia on this is that there is a real “Life Boat” in Belfast but there was tooo much construction going on to use the location.

More Fun Facts

We also learned another amusing fact about filming when we were taken to a location outside a chip shop, which is the scene of a confrontation between Luke and his dad Smiley. They get into a bit of a tussle in that scene. One of the extras passing by on the sidewalk is supposed to be walking a dog. We were told that whenever they would do a take, the little dog would get mad when Luke and Smiley start fighting and just start barking his head off. In the end, I don’t think the dog made it into the scene, but when I saw the female extra pass by, I had a good laugh.

Rupert’s Belfast Accent!

Actual native speakers were impressed with Rupert’s Belfast accent, and the comments we heard on this trip were no exception. During one particular scene, Rupert says the line, “Anyone ordered a taxi?” And someone on set thought it was one of the crew who said it and was looking around to see who would order a cab in the middle of filming a scene! And others kept mentioning that of the non-native members of the cast, Rupert’s accent was the best and most authentic sounding.

Deleted Scenes!

One of the very first shots filmed was of Malachy hunched over a toilet and vomiting after a night out partying! Rupert was given something, (tablets we believe) to help spit! Remind you of another movie long ago with another character of his? This squeamish scene didn’t make it in the final cut, but perhaps in a future DVD extra of deleted scenes?

~More Cherrybomb Buzz to come~

We already confirmed that a distribution deal is in the works, so no fears about that folks, there is just a process that is involved. We will keep you updated. And although there is no official confirmation at this time, there will be likely some special features eventually released on the DVD as well (which we heard might have a crew behind-the-scenes featurette). Finally, a huge thanks to everybody involved with Cherrybomb. We appreciate all of your time and effort for including us in on your experience working on this film.

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