Report: The Harry Potter Exhibition in New York City

published 8 April 2011
written by Ally

The Harry Potter Exhibition in New York City was one of the most memorable and exciting moments in my entire life. Upon arrival, sitting on the Metro North train, I couldn’t contain my excitement with my two guests and very best friends, Meghan and Sarah Brady. The moment we arrived at the Times Square Discovery Museum we all squealed like little school girls as we saw a huge poster right in the entrance for the exhibition.

As I entered the building it was as if I could feel all of the Harry Potter energy surrounding me as so many fans of the books and movies were roaming around happily inside. There were little kids dressed up in their Hogwarts robes, with wands at the ready. As you enter the exhibition, you are taken into a room where a man, dressed in his very own Hogwarts robes is standing in front holding on to the ORIGINAL sorting hat! I almost lost it then when I realized that he was going to sort us into a Hogwart’s house! One of my guests, Sarah Brady was chosen to sit up in front of the crowd and get sorted. He put the wizard hat on her head, and seconds after, you hear “Brave tot. Daring. Better be… GRYFFINDOR!” It was most definitely a really fun idea for the exhibition, and got the crowd all riled up and even more excited to enter the exhibition then before. I thought that interacting with the fans and people there made the whole experience feel somewhat real, as if I really was entering Hogwarts. We then enter a dark room with seven movie screens lined up in a row next to each other, and soon the Harry Potter movies 1-7 played on each individual screen, showing clips of the movies; sort of a Harry Potter montage. It was fantastic and definitely put me and the crowd in a great mood.

Then, we are all led through another door and that is where the exhibition really begins. The artifacts and props from the movie are EVERYWHERE, strategically placed with each other to make us feel as if we are entering different parts of Hogwarts within each separate room. You see such things as the Gryffindor common room, Harry and Ron’s bedrooms, Hagrid’s Hut, The Forbidden Forest, a “Dark Forces” area, The Dining Hall, Quidditch games (where you can actually throw a quaffle through a Quidditch hoop!) and so much more. There were countless mannequins dressed up in the original clothes that the entire Harry Potter cast wore throughout the seven films. Meanwhile, as you’re walking through each different room, more excited than you could possibly imagine, the exhibition is blasting the Harry Potter theme song music, making you really feel as if you are in the movies yourself!

I saw such things as the original Dobby and Kreacher, Fawkes (Dumbledore’s Phoenix), Buckbeack, The Triwizard Cup, everyone’s wands from the movies, the hallway of moving pictures including the Fat Lady, and also Fred and George’s joke shop! The list can go on forever, and as many of you Harry Potter fans know, there are so many different things involved in Harry Potter that if I were to list everything I saw, you would be reading for centuries. At the end of the exhibition you are lead into a gift shop, filled and filled with replica artifacts and props from the movies that you can take home with you!

All I can say is that if you can, you all should go and see for yourselves the unbelievable Harry Potter exhibition in New York. The Times Square Discovery Museum did such a fantastic job at really making the fans of the epic Harry Potter series feel involved, and created an exhibition you all do not want to miss. It was an unbelievable experience that I will absolutely NEVER forget, and I’m so grateful Anna and the rest of the crew from gave me the wonderful opportunity to take their place for them for this wonderful Harry Potter filled weekend!

You can find all of the images from the Exhibition here in our galleries!

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