Review and Report: ‘Cherrybomb’ at the LA Irish Film Festival by Lyn

published 29 September 2009
written by Lyn

I went to the screening of Cherrybomb at the Los Angeles Irish Film Festival on Friday. This was my first time seeing the movie and what a treat! Rupert is fantastic, of course. His range of emotions were amazing. He could go from anger, to loving, to boredom, to reckless and it’s all very believable.
The thing I like about Rupert is that he has such a range. He is most definitely Ron, but he is also Ben and Malachy. All three are completely different characters. Another thing about Rupert is his stance when playing each role. As Ron, he is slouchy and a little more laid back, much like himself. As Ben, he is unsure and at times seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. As Malachy, he stands tall and confident, assured in his goals, whatever they may be, for good or for bad.
His character is shocking at first, but you come to see his vulnerability. He does care about his friends and will stand up for them, no matter what or who may be in the way. Malachy has a great family, that he does seem to appreciate but who definitely cramps his style. He gets talked into doing things by his friend and while I do agree they are in competition with the girl, I think at the end it shows girls come and go, but friends remain.

The drug use in the movie was a bit much for me. Not my cup of tea, but it was extremely effective to show how these young adults interact and how things change between them when under the influence and when not. At the end, when they are sober and see things how they are and what becomes of them, it makes it clear that the drugs the night before were fun while it lasted, but morning does come and things will never be the same.

The plot was good, but honestly, I thought the actors, first and foremost Rupert carried the film. Rupert is used to working in a group of three and he, of all the actors work the scenes without being overpowering. Rupert can absolutely carry a film on his own. He has the experience and the acting chops for it. I’d love to see Rupert as a leading man. And soon!!

After the movie there was a ten minute break, so I dashed to go speak with one of the directors, Glenn Leyburn. I first congratulated him on a wonderful movie. He was appreciative and noticed my HBP “Ron” shirt I had on. He said he was pleased at all the support the movie has received because of Rupert and how great the fans are.

I asked him how they went about getting Rupert. Did they seek him out? Glenn said they didn’t. He said that they had heard Rupert was “keen on it,” after he had seen the script when it had been sent to his agent. Glenn said, that they met with Rupert about two times before deciding on him to play Malachy.
They had looked all over Ireland and the UK for someone and felt that Rupert just fell in their laps. Glenn was pleased the way it worked out as they had someone with some name recognition attached to the film. He said all three actors got on well before and during filming.

I reiterated to Glenn, as someone else did during the Q&A, about the fact that this movie NEEDS to be at least on DVD, if not in more theatres. He agreed and said, that it will definitely be on DVD, not an if, but WHEN. They want to try to get it into more theatres and some more festivals.
He was extremely nice and even when a Robert Sheehan fan butted in (!), he was cordial to me and answered my questions.

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